What Can i Give My Dog to
Produce More Milk

Regarding breastfeeding, both human and canine moms worry about having a low milk supply. For dog moms, this is especially important since they may have more than ten babies at a time who depend on that milk.

When a dog has puppies, the newborns demand a lot of the mother’s system. It can mean that the mother doesn’t have enough nutrition. Here are six ways to improve dog milk production so your dog can provide lots of quality milk for her puppies.

6 Ways to Increase Dog Milk Production

1. Give Enough Quality Liquids

One of the best ways to increase dog milk production is to provide enough liquids to the dog mom, either through water or chicken soup. If your dog is in good condition but lacks milk, you should ensure she has been supplied with plenty of water.

You should offer your mom’s dog different types of water to see what she likes. If she doesn’t drink water, you might try the chicken soup, goat milk, lactose-free cow milk, or almond milk for her.

The soup has extra nutrients that are good for nursing dogs. Chicken soup is a viable alternative if your dog refuses to drink the water due to its salty taste. If so, the dog will become thirsty due to the salt content.

On the other hand, you must dilute goat milk before giving it to your puppies. Goat milk is safe for them because it doesn’t have lactose. Lactose-free cow milk is an excellent alternative to plain water, and it is also safe for puppies. Like lactose-free cow milk, almond milk is included for the same reason: you may feed your lactating dog without gastrointestinal issues.

2. Use Fenugreek Capsules

Fenugreek capsules are easy to find in health food stores or pharmacies. They can also be used to help nursing humans. You can mix them with your dog’s food or give them to them as a single dose.

3. Provide Lots of Food

A breastfeeding mother may require three times the typical amount of food to provide enough milk for her puppies. To assist her in consuming adequate calories, you should provide her with multiple little meals every day.

Use dog diets formulated for performance, rich in high-quality calories to help her produce enough milk.


If you are feeding your raw dog, ensure that the food is easy to digest. Nursing dogs often lose weight, but a sudden and noticeable drop in weight can mean your dog isn’t getting enough to eat. So be careful not to let your dog get too thin during this time.

4. Consider Vitamin Supplements

If your dog has limited milk production for her puppies, you may consider supplementing her diet with particular nutrients. Milk thistle is one of the most natural and effective supplements for breastfeeding mothers seeking to increase milk production.

You can also give your dog zinc to help with breastfeeding. If you give it a little bit of apricot, it will help increase milk production. Your dog also needs more phosphorus and calcium to compensate for her loss through breastfeeding. Her puppies need protein to grow well.

Nursing dogs need a lot of extra energy, four to eight times the amount adult dogs need. You can give them excess healthy fats to help them meet those needs. But it is essential to consult your vet before you do that because giving puppies too many supplements can be dangerous. They might get problems like nerve damage or digestive difficulties.

5. Don’t Just Stick to the Fundamentals.

If you want your dog to produce milk well, you must ensure that she is comfortable and clean. Sometimes you will also need to give the mother a break from her puppies so she can get some fresh air and mental stimulation. She also needs regular checkups after giving birth if she gets an infection. It can be fatal for both the mother and her puppies.

6. Go for Nutritious Treats

Treats are necessary for all dogs, regardless of breed. It would help if you gave your dog treats daily to ensure they stay healthy. Unfortunately, many treats sold in stores are not very good for dogs. They are full of carbs and other unhealthy things, so it’s essential to find good treats to help your dog stay healthy.

A good treat for your dog includes cheddar cheese, fresh fruits, and dried beef. You should also consider adding things high in calories, like salmon and sweet potatoes, to your dog’s diet. Chicken, meatballs, and eggs are great choices if those foods are unavailable.

However, be careful not to buy a cheap treat that is low in quality. Check the label of nutritional values and the ingredient list to be sure.


It would help if you still ask your vet how much food to give your lactating dog. It will depend on your dog’s breed, the number of puppies, and other factors. Your vet may recommend a specific diet plan for your mama dog.

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