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You will not change the world by adopting just one Greyhound. But that one Greyhound will be happy and the world will also be a little bit happier for him or her.

This is a website against greyhound racing. Greyhounds should not be used for anyone’s enjoyment, even if they are just running on small tracks that aren’t national. They should not be used or treated as animals for people to have fun, and money from the races shouldn’t go to other things.

Some of the poems and stories here are true. This is what happens in racing. It can be unpleasant to read these things about racing, but you should know that if you bet on races then it means that you want these things to happen.

Although rescue groups are doing good work, there are still many greyhound puppies born each year. Groups can only do so much because there are so many puppies. They need more help to make the problem better.

Do not go to races with greyhounds. They are sad and they might be hurt. Tell everyone you know what is happening to these dogs, too.

When you have a greyhound, make sure you take good care of it. There are some great tips on this website to help you with this.

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