Italian Greyhound Personality: Unusual Traits of the Cute Breed

Although Italian Greyhounds are the smallest size, don't be fooled by their appearance. They may be small, but they have prominent personalities. Italian Greyhounds are loving and devoted pets that make excellent family companions. It's reasonable to assume that this dog breed lives for around 12 to 14 years. Playing fetch with them or tugging war with their favorite toy is a great way to pass the time.

Unusual Traits of the Cute Breed

The unique characteristics of Italian Greyhound make it an ideal family pet due to its loving personality and devotion to its owners. Because they have a lot of uncommon traits, this breed is also known as the "odd" breed. Pet owners should know a few unexpected qualities about this adorable breed.

Italian Greyhounds Is Not Good Swimmer.

This breed is a natural sprinter and will take off as soon as it gets the chance. Because of this, they can't swim and can even drown if left in water for too long. Make sure there's no pool or any large bodies of water around when you're out with your Italian Greyhound – they'll be happy just to run alongside you!

Italian Greyhound Puppies Should Never Be Worn in Sweaters!

If you want your Italian Greyhound to wear clothes, make sure they are not made of rough fabric or have buttons. Keep an eye on these dogs when they wear clothes because if something goes wrong, the dog will bite it off right away before letting go.

They Hate Getting Baths.

Just like most dogs, Italian Greyhounds hate getting baths. Make the experience quick and do not hurt them. Do so by using a gentle shampoo and warm water. After they are done, you will need to dry them off with a towel since they shake a lot (and might run away).

They Can’t Resist Chasing a Squirrel.

Italian Greyhounds are naturally inclined to hunt down small animals, such as squirrels. It may not be appropriate for this breed because most people do not want their dogs to rush out into the street and hit a car. If you can't keep an eye on your dog at all times, consider purchasing a decent fence to ensure his protection inside the yard.

Their Thin Coat Makes Them Too Cold in the Winter.

Italian Greyhounds are thin, so they do not protect against the cold. That is why it is essential to keep them warm with clothing or blankets. They will be happy because their instinct is to run around outside all day long, leading to severe problems without enough exercise.

Italian Greyhound Hates Wearing Clothes.

They despise anything that feels tight on their skin, such as collars. Instead, use a harness to prevent your dog from feeling any discomfort when running at top speeds for hours on end! Italian Greyhound puppies will only enjoy wearing clothes if they're made of soft fabrics without buttons.

They Have Very Stubborn Personalities.

Italian Greyhounds are known for being very independent. They might get angry if they think their owner tells them what to do. Instead, try treating your dog with more respect. Give it space when it needs alone time, or let him run around outside for exercise.

They’re Not Picky Eaters.

Italian Greyhounds are not picky or fussy. They will eat anything you give them. It is best to be careful about how much food you give them, though. If they don't get enough food, it could have serious consequences later in life. In such cases, it is better to put your dog for adoption than for them to suffer. 

They Love To Play Fetch With Their Owner for Hours on End.

Italian Greyhounds are very happy and like to play. They want a tennis ball or other toy to play with all the time. You can throw it for them while you're doing housework, getting ready in the morning, etc. that will make them happy because they like to run outside as fast as they can. But if not given enough exercise time, they could cause problems.

The Italian Greyhound's disposition is unique among other breeds. If given enough exercise, love, and attention, they may become devoted friends that you'll come to adore. If you are thinking of bringing one of these dogs into your home, keep these points in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Italian Greyhound Personality

Do Italian Greyhounds Like To Cuddle?

Since Italian greyhounds love to snuggle, having two dogs is excellent. They also enjoy burrowing under blankets and will even pull a blanket off the back of the sofa. They're considerably more active than greyhounds and are challenging to housebreak.

Are Italian Greyhounds Difficult?

Italian Greyhounds are a snuggly, sweet, beautiful breed. But every breed has its price. Some breeds chew, dig holes in the yard or knock over grandma. Italian Greyhounds' price is house training. They are more difficult to house train than other breeds of dogs.

Are Italian Greyhounds Good Family Dogs?

Italian Greyhounds are great for apartments. They are very loving and will be nice to everyone in the house, including other dogs and children. These dogs despise being left alone for long periods.

Are Italian Greyhounds Well Behaved?

Italian greyhounds can be sweet and gentle. They need lots of affection. If they don't get this, they can become shy or hyper. Italian greyhounds usually get along with cats and dogs about the same size as them.

Can An Italian Greyhound Be Left Alone?

Italian Greyhounds are not happy when they are left alone at home. They always need attention. But you can leave them at home for a little while, like if you go grocery shopping or something quick like that. Please do not leave them there all day because they will be bored and sad.

Do Italian Greyhounds Break Their Legs Easily?

Yes, Italian Greyhounds have skinny legs. Some Italian Greyhounds have thinner legs, so they are more likely to break them. A broken leg is more common in young, growing dogs. Still, any Italian Greyhound can break a leg from accidents like sitting on or falling down the stairs.

Why Is My Italian Greyhound Aggressive?

Most dogs are only aggressive if they believe they are in danger, cannot flee, and feel the necessity to defend themselves. For instance, a dog may become aggressive. For example, if it is trapped in a corner with no means of escape or believes a hand raised over its head indicates it will be assaulted.

Do Italian Greyhounds Bark Much?

Although small, Italian greyhounds bark rather than yap, and they will readily do so to alert their owners to approaching strangers.

Are Italian Greyhounds Aggressive?

Italian Greyhounds do not respond well to either verbal or physical abuse. If someone yells at them or hits them, they get afraid and act differently. That is not good. The Italian Greyhound needs to be trained to follow the house rules you set for it.

Are Italian Greyhounds Quiet?

The breed's popularity is not from their love for the water but because they are easy to train and have a wonderful disposition. They're great with people but can become skittish or shy if their owners over-protect them or "baby" them. Although it is primarily a quiet, docile, eager breed that wants to please you, it may be prone to sudden bursts of activity.

Are Italian Greyhounds Good For First-Time Owners?

Italian Greyhounds make an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. They are very gentle and kind, but they need lots of care and time to train them. You can probably get one if you live alone or married without children.

Are Italian Greyhounds High Maintenance?

Italian Greyhounds are very clingy to their owners and do not like being left alone. They might chew on things to feel better. Then they could get hurt. Sometimes they can break a leg or other bones or even tear ligaments.

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