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1. Clean Up Your Property

If you want to keep coyotes away, don’t let your yard become messy. Make sure that you trim the vegetation and get rid of any debris. Coyotes love to live in areas where they can find shelter, so if your yard is clean, they will move on to another place.

These dogs love to hide in thick, tall grass and plants. As they look for food, they always look for new places to hide. So, a house that isn’t well taken care of will attract coyotes!

Tall grass and dense shrubbery can be a problem because coyotes travel in packs. When they feel safe, they will come into an area that is unfamiliar to them.

When they are alone, coyotes use ground cover to hide from people. It usually means they are weaker and cannot take on larger predators. So, when coyotes explore new areas, like your yard, they will try to be stealthier.

You can discourage animals like skunks from living on your property by keeping it clean. Remove any potential hiding spots by trimming back overgrown bushes, pruning trees, and mowing the lawn.

You should pay attention to the everyday things in your yard. Leaves and dry plants can pile up quickly. If you don’t take care of it, you’ll end up with huge piles that block your view and are perfect for coyotes.

Keeping your yard clean and in good condition will be less attractive to wild dogs.

Table Of Contents

1. Clean Up Your Property

2. Minimize Attractants

3. Put Up A Good Fence

4. Start Hazing

5. Use Sound To Your Advantage

6. Have Some Guard Animals

7. Try Coyote Repellent

8. Keep Pets & Animals Inside

9. Bother Them With Water

Final Thoughts

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Keep Coyotes Away

2. Minimize Attractants

In addition to keeping your yard clean, ensure you don’t have anything that could attract coyotes. These animals always seek food and shelter, so you don’t want to make it easy for them.

Although you might not think that a bag of trash sitting on your back porch will be a big deal, a coyote looking for food will quickly jump at the opportunity to cause some trouble!

Make sure your trash doesn’t smell bad to keep coyotes away. Coyotes attract smells, so you can keep them away using a secured bin with a tight seal.

You want to ensure the food’s smell doesn’t spread and attract coyotes. You also must take steps to prevent coyotes from coming near the food.

These scavengers can quickly destroy primary plastic bins. To ensure your trash is safe, you should invest in metal lock boxes or cages. There are plenty of coyote-proof solutions, so you should try some out!

You should also take security measures when you have a compost pile. Many homeowners forget this, but protecting your compost from animals like coyotes is essential. Coyotes can make a mess, but that’s not the worst thing.

But if you give them free access to the food scraps, they will only come back. Lock up the food scraps so that they can’t get to them.

You can also attract buyers to your home by having some small things around. For example, you could have food for outdoor pets or livestock dishes.

If possible, store away as many of those items before the sun sets. Lock up the bags of dry food and bring in any empty food dishes that may still smell. When you get rid of these things, you’ll be surprised at how much they can change.

3. Put Up A Good Fence

The easiest way to keep coyotes out of your yard is to fence. However, standard barriers won’t work because coyotes can jump over them.

But how high can coyotes jump?

Coyotes can jump high, and they can also climb fences easily. A fence only six feet tall is not an excellent way to keep them out.

You must consider many things when installing a fence to keep coyotes out. You want the fence tall enough that the coyotes can’t jump over it, but you must also consider their climbing abilities.

You should try to have a fence that is seven feet tall or taller. It will keep coyotes from getting over the fence. Please ensure the fence is made of a solid material so the coyotes can’t climb it. Do not use chain links or vertical slats because the coyotes will be able to climb them.

Instead, consider a flat and smooth surface. You may use vertical wood slats, large fence panel systems, or even smooth concrete to create designs with few textures and no footholds.

Remember to extend your fence to a foot or two below ground level. Coyotes can’t jump over the fence, so they might try to dig under it instead.

To keep coyotes away, you can bury some chicken wire or metal grates a few feet from the base.

If you have a fence or are building a new one, you can install fence extenders to make it more secure. Fence extenders are pieces of metal that stick out from the top of the fence at a 45-degree angle. To keep coyotes away, you can bury the chicken wire or metal grates a few feet from the base.

4. Start Hazing

Hazing is a way to scare coyotes away. If you are unfamiliar with the technique, it is training the wild canine to be afraid of you.

The way coyotes respond to humans can vary a lot. When they see you, some will run away. Others might be more daring and aggressive. It all depends on how the coyote has interacted with humans before.

Hazing aims to make every interaction with these pests unpleasant or frightening. You don’t want them to get used to being around you too much. Hazing will scare them and teach them not to mess with you, making it less likely for them to return.

It is an excellent idea to haze coyotes every time you see them. It means making your presence known to them before they think about coming into your backyard. Please do this by yelling, making loud noises, or even throwing things at them.

You can do whatever you want to try and scare away coyotes, but some people think that being loud and annoying is the best way. You can yell at the vermin, bang pots and pans, and wave your arms around like crazy! Make yourself seem as big and scary as possible to send them running!

If you are far away from a coyote, you can also throw objects on the ground near them to scare them away.

Be careful when you are trying to get rid of the coyote. You don’t want it to become aggressive. If you scare it too much, it might attack you. Try not to hurt the coyote physically because that could make things worse.

You can try to scare coyotes away from your house by making it a place that is unpleasant for them. It can be done by making lots of noise and using things that bother their senses.

5. Use Sound To Your Advantage

Coyotes hate loud noises. It makes them scared so that you can use this to your advantage. Make lots of noise near the coyotes, and they will be scared away.

Loud noises near your property will make it less appealing to potential buyers.

If you make noise, coyotes will stay away from your property. It is because they do not want to be near anything making a lot of noise.

Noise is one way to try and keep coyotes away from your yard. They will learn to stay away if you make noise when they get close. But if they have a chance to get in undetected, they might not be scared of the noise anymore.

You can take steps to keep your house secure while you’re away. One way is to use a sensor-based alarm. These alarms are usually pretty cheap and easy to install. They work by detecting motion, just like standard security systems.

The alarm will ring when a coyote gets close. The sound will be so loud and irritating that the coyote will run away.

There are also low-tech options available. You can hang bells or wind chimes all over your property to make noise that rodents don’t like. Using sound is surprisingly good, no matter what method you choose.

6. Have Some Guard Animals

Coyotes are natural predators that can be very dangerous when they feel threatened. People sometimes think they are scary but can also be scared of other animals.

Coyotes can be kept away by having a guard dog watch your property. Different types of guard dogs can serve other purposes.

First, they watch all night, when coyotes are most likely to be out and about. Coyotes are very clever animals and can sneak up on your property undetected. However, suppose your guard dog spots a coyote. In that case, it will be ready to take action and protect your property and livestock and notify you of the danger.

Some dogs will attack the intruder. Others will bark. Remember, loud noises can scare coyotes away! Therefore, your dog can still be helpful even if he doesn’t have many bites.

Guard dogs can serve an essential role in protecting livestock. Many breeds have a long history of safeguarding sheep or cattle. They can help herd them to safety or protect them from predators if they approach.

Not every dog is suitable for guarding your home against coyotes. You need to choose a dog that is up for the task.

Some of the best working dog breeds are:

  • Cane Corso
  • Mastiffs
  • Komondors
  • Sheepdogs
  • Shepherds
  • Kangal
  • Rottweiler

It is essential to train your dog. Most dogs are easy to prepare, but they need guidance to reach their full potential. You can use commands. You make up or work with a professional trainer always to make sure your dog is ready to protect you from coyotes or other animals that might be dangerous.

7. Try Coyote Repellent

Coyotes do everything based on what they smell. They use their noses to find food, and the smells in the yards draw them there. You can use their strong senses to your advantage by putting your garbage away, so it doesn’t smell as good to them.

Many repellents can be used to keep coyotes away from your property. If you want to take an aggressive approach, you can use repellents that will bother their sense of smell.

Ammonia, mothballs, vinegar, and pepper are some of the most effective repellents for keeping coyotes at bay.

Soak some old rags or cotton balls in it to use it. Put the item that has been soaked in ammonia in key spots around your home where coyotes might go. For example, you can put some in the bottom of the trash can or along the fence line.

You can use mothballs and pepper powder to keep coyotes away from your home. Mothballs release gas which will make coyotes sick. Pepper powder can also cause discomfort for coyotes that smell it.

Vinegar can also be used to protect your yard. You can mix it with water to create a spray. The spray will keep animals away from your yard.

There are commercial repellents that you can use to keep pests away. Some sprays smell bad and will keep away raccoons, coyotes, and other pests.

Some products use urine or pheromones to keep coyotes away. These sprays make it smell like there is a predator nearby. When the coyote smells this, they will avoid the area because they think there is danger.

All coyote repellents only work for a short time. Sprays can evaporate or wash away with rain. To keep coyotes away for a long time, you must reapply the repellent regularly.

8. Keep Pets & Animals Inside

Coyotes are predators that hunt down small animals. Coyotes can be a threat to small pets and livestock.

You can keep coyotes away by using deterrents, but don’t do anything to make them want to come around your house. At night, bring all of your pets inside. Coyotes usually won’t bother larger animals, but smaller cats and dogs should be kept inside after sunset.

During the day, you should also keep a close eye on your tiny animals. Coyotes are known to watch their prey before they hunt it down. They could be watching you from near your property even if you don’t see them.

Coyotes are smart animals that can learn your schedule. If you let your dog out and step back inside, the coyote might see your dog as an easy meal.

Coyotes can be a big problem for farmers. They are known to kill chickens, sheep, and other small farm animals. They will also hunt down young cattle, calves, and vulnerable mothers that have just given birth.

The easiest approach to keep your animals secure at night is to have them fenced. Ensure the fence is strong so coyotes can’t get through, and consider getting a guard dog.

If you have smaller animals, like ducks or chickens, try using a coop to keep them safe. Lock the coop up at night to protect your animals from harm.

9. Bother Them With Water

Coyotes like to drink the stuff but don’t like getting it in their fur. You can use this information to scare coyotes away from your property. Turn on the water hose when you see a coyote coming close. As a way to haze them, you can spray them with water. Most coyotes will stay away from your property if you can scare them away.

You can also use sprinklers to deter coyotes. If you place them carefully, the water will cover a lot of ground, and the coyotes won’t be able to stay dry.

Installing motion-detection sprinklers will advance the situation. If a coyote walks through this area, these sprinklers will spray the area with water. Turn them on at night to keep these bugs away while asleep.

Many homeowners use water sprinklers as one part of a strategy to keep coyotes away. They also use alarms that make noise and lights that are bright. All of these things together will scare any coyote away.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list of coyote deterrents was helpful to you. As you may know, a simple fence is not enough to keep these animals away.

Coyotes can jump fences, so you need a specialized fence and a variety of deterrents to keep them away from your yard. If you use the methods recommended here, you should successfully keep coyotes away from your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Keep Coyotes Away

What Are Coyotes Most Afraid Of?

Coyotes fear many things, including people, objects thrown at them, loud noises and sounds, bright lights, and predator urine. You can use these things to help keep coyotes away from your property.

What Would Scare A Coyote Away?

There are many ways to scare away coyotes. You can scream, yell, or use an air horn to make them disappear. You can also wave your arms and spray them with water if you have a hose or sprinkler system.

What Can You Put Around Your House To Keep Coyotes Away?

To deter wildlife, mix castor oil and soap. Spray the area where you don’t want the wildlife to be with this mixture mixed with one gallon of water. Another recipe is to mix vinegar and Tabasco sauce. Spray this mixture or place it on rags in areas where you don’t want wildlife.

What Smell Do Coyotes Hate?

Coyotes have a superb sense of smell, which they utilize to locate food sources and hunt in groups. To repel them, you may use odors such as wolf pee, white vinegar, powerful fragrances, and cayenne/chili pepper.

Do Lights Keep Coyotes Away?

Loud noises and flashing lights frighten coyotes. It will be easier to stop coyotes from creeping around your yard if you install motion-sensor lights or open a nightclub. Your neighbors prefer motion-sensor lights to rage bass and colored strobes.

Do Wind Chimes Keep Coyotes Away?

There are things you can try to stop coyotes from coming into your yard. These things may work for a while, but if the coyote gets used to them, they will continue to come. You can try predator eyes, wind chimes, leaving lights on, kites, and wind socks. Another thing that may work is spraying male urine around the yard’s perimeter.

What Time Of Day Are Coyotes Most Active?

Coyotes are not only active at night. Although they are visible during the day, they are busier at night. It is especially true during mating season (January – March) and when young coyotes are leaving their family groups (October – January).

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