The 10 Best Diabetic Dog Foods for 2023

As a pet parent, you want to provide your dog with the very best. When it comes to eating, you want to ensure that they receive the necessary nutrients to remain healthy. However, if your dog has diabetes, finding the proper food can be difficult.

When choosing the finest diet for your diabetic dog, numerous aspects to consider. You should seek food that is low in sugar and carbohydrates and high in protein and fiber. You must also check that your dog likes the food you choose, as some dogs might be picky eaters.

To help you select the best food for your diabetic dog, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 products. This list was compiled after considering sugar and carbohydrate levels and flavor.

Quick Picks:  Best Diabetic Dog Foods for 2023

The 10 Best Diabetic Dog Foods for 2023

1. Recipe for Ketona Chicken Dog Food

A professionally developed formula, Ketona chicken recipe dog chow is meant to have a reduced carbohydrate content.

In fact, this formula contains only 5% digestible carbohydrates, 0.5% sugar, and a whopping 46% protein content. It is, therefore, one of the suggested dog foods for diabetic dogs. The only drawback is the price, which is pretty expensive.

Serve your animal companion a special meal with Keto Natural Ketona adult dry dog food and chicken formula. This dry dog food is prepared in the United States with a carbohydrate content of less than 6%, the same as raw ingredient food. Still, it provides the convenience and affordability of kibble.

It is rich in carbohydrates, less than 85 percent compared to other popular grain-free dry dog diets. Still, it also contains 46 percent protein to support the dog’s muscles.

This formula is formulated with natural nutrients, such as real chicken, and a few added ingredients, such as oat hulls and flaxseed meal, to aid digestion.

Each dish contains a complete and well-balanced meal with the nutrients the dog requires and deserves.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Per kilogram, there are 3,327 calories.
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)46 percent, fat (minimum)16 percent, Fiber (Maximum) 11 percent, Moisture (maximum) 10 percent
  • Variety: Dry
  • Ingredients: Chicken, pea protein, green pea flour, oat hulls, and chicken fat.
  • American-grown, non-GMO chicken is the principal ingredient. It is 46 percent protein content. It is made without corn, soy, wheat, and potatoes.
  • Cost: $ 28.99 per 4.2-pound bag


  • This snack contains fewer carbohydrates than many others on the market.
  • It is also devoid of the insulin surge-inducing carbohydrates present in many dog diets.
  • This food has helped several dogs control their blood sugar levels.


  • It is notoriously pricey on the market, but it is expected from a protein-rich dish such as this one.
  • Although this is a small drawback, Ketona does not contain probiotics. It could be supplemented with a separate probiotic food.

2. Orijen Grain-Free

For diabetic dogs, Orijen grain-free is a premium dog food with a substantial amount of protein and fewer carbohydrates.

With around 38% protein and 19% carbohydrates, ORIJEN assists dogs of all breeds and life stages to meet their biological and evolutionary needs.

Unrelated to other dog foods on the market, two-thirds of ORIJEN meats are typically fresh without refrigeration or preservatives. They are often raw, which is true for each of the top 10 ingredients.

One-third of the meat content, including fresh chicken, turkey, and seafood, is air-dried at 90°C to create a nutrient-dense protein source.

Whole-prey portions of fresh meat, organs, cartilage, and entire fish and eggs are a natural supply of all the dog’s nutrients.

Infusions of freeze-dried chicken and turkey liver add flavor naturally, making ORIJEN palatable for even the pickiest dogs.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Three thousand nine hundred calories per kilogram
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)38 percent, fat (minimum)18 percent, Fiber (Maximum)5 percent, Moisture (maximum) 12 percent
  • Variety: Dry
  • Fresh chicken meat, fresh turkey meat, fresh whole egg, fresh chicken liver, and fresh whole herring are the ingredients in this dish.
  • This dish has 20 percent carbohydrates. There are no plant proteins, tapioca, grains, or protein concentrates. It has fresh meat, organs, cartilage, and additional bones for added nutrition.
  • Cost: $ 25.99 each 4.5-pound bag


  • This is one of the best diabetic dog foods.
  • This dish is considered the greatest due to its low carbohydrate level.


  • Due to the food’s high protein and carbohydrate content is a very expensive diet for dogs.

3. Merrick Non-Grain Dog Food

Merrick grain-free dog chow is a perfectly balanced food comprised of nutrient-dense meats, delectable fruits and vegetables, and vitamins to help dogs stay healthy. It is an excellent option for diabetic pets.

Grain-Free Dry Dog Food by Merrick Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Recipe is the best available dog food.

This healthy dry dog food has 70 percent protein and fat, with deboned beef as the main ingredient.

The remaining 30 percent consists of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients to create a comprehensive and balanced diet for adult dogs of diverse breeds.

Omega fatty acids are abundant in this grain-free and gluten-free dry dog food. Whereas glucosamine and chondroitin contribute to the development of the hips and joints.

Without poultry, maize, wheat, gluten, or other additives, only high-grade, natural foods purchased from reputable farmers comprise their premium quality.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Three thousand nine hundred calories per kilogram
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)38 percent, fat (minimum)15 percent, Fiber (Maximum)3.5 percent, Moisture (maximum) 11 percent
  • Amount: Dry
  • Deboned meat, lamb meal, salmon meal, peas, and sweet potatoes are used as ingredients.
  • This dish has a variety of protein sources, including beef, lamb meal, and salmon meal. It is a dog food formulated without maize, soy, or wheat and contains glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health.
  • Cost: $39 per 10-pound bag


  • This is among the best foods for picky dogs.
  • It is created with all nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and probiotic microorganisms, that you would expect to see in dog food.


  • Merrick grain-free contains both regular and sweet potatoes, boosting the glycemic index.
  • This food has a moderate amount of carbohydrates.

4. Nulo Adult Salmon & Peas

Nulo Adult Salmon & Peas is a kibble of standard quality with a good amount of protein, i.e., 30 percent combined with animal-sourced protein at 80 percent. The carbohydrate content is lower, at 38%.

Whether we prefer to jog on the beach or run across the street, our canine companion requires protein and nutrients to keep up with us.

An excellent option is the Nulo freestyle salmon & peas formula with 80 percent animal-based proteins and plenty of amino acids for lean muscle development.

This food’s low glycemic index and improved probiotics provide the optimum nutrients for your dear friend.

A diabetic dog needs a grain-free adult meal that excludes chicken and egg proteins in addition to low glycemic ingredients.

Vitamin B6 and niacin in the dog’s food contribute to energy generation, while probiotics facilitate digestion.

The amino acids in this diet aid in developing lean muscle mass and preserve a dog’s heart health. The bones are strengthened by the calcium and phosphorus content of the canines, and the immune system is maintained by the fruits and vegetables integrated with the diet.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • The amount of calories per kilogram is 3,595.
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)30 percent, fat (minimum)16 percent, Fiber (Maximum)4.5 percent, Moisture (maximum) 10 percent
  • Amount: Dry
  • The ingredients are deboned salmon, turkey meal, menhaden fish meal, whole peas, and sweet potato.
  • Salmon without bones, turkey meal and chicken meal are the principal ingredients in this culinary product. This diet contains eighty percent protein derived from animal sources. The dish has 38 percent carbohydrates and low glycemic ingredients.
  • Cost: $ 19.99 each 4.5-pound bag


  • Nulo is a portion of excellent, protein-rich dog food.
  • This nulo dog food is formulated with low-glycemic components.


  • With great quality comes a high price tag that is tough to maintain on a budget over time.

5. Acana Mountain Ranch

Acana Appalachian Ranch is a protein-dense diet with a relatively low carbohydrate content of about 32 percent.

ACANA regionals Appalachian Ranch dog feed is a nutrient-dense and protein-rich food that nourishes dogs perfectly with beef, Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, bison, and freshwater catfish that have been raised on the ranch.

Rich, high-quality animal ingredients are mixed into the ACANA diet, allowing it to provide nutrition naturally. Highly nutritious flesh, organs, cartilage, and bone make up most of the composition.

The raw and fresh regional content is provided to our kitchens and dog bowls by people we know and trust, including regional farmers, ranchers, and rivers. These are the best natural treatments for our diabetic pets.

The grain-free and gluten-free food does not contain potatoes or tapioca. It is a portion of pet food made primarily with high-quality animal ingredients for a physiologically specific diet that nourishes dogs according to their natural and biological needs.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Per kilogram, there are 3,980 calories.
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)35 percent, fat (minimum)20 percent, Fiber (Maximum)4 percent, Moisture (maximum) 10 percent
  • Amount: Dry
  • The ingredients are Deboned Pork, Deboned Lamb, Beef Meal, and Lamb Meal.
  • This dish contains an abundant quantity of fresh meat. The food incorporates a wild flavor to emulate the ancestors of the dog. This recipe is grain-free and gluten-free.
  • Cost: $ 23.99 each 4.5-pound bag


  • This is a wonderful dish with high protein content.
  • This food’s low carbohydrate content makes it an ideal diet for dogs.


  • It is really expensive dog food.

6. Hill’s Prescription Diet with Dietary Supplements

Hills prescription diet W/D is a dog food formulated for dogs with digestion, weight management, or blood sugar disorders.

This meal may require a prescription from the veterinarian. Still, it does not mean it must be purchased directly from the veterinarian. This diet is typically recommended by veterinarians for diabetic dogs.

Few dogs are significantly more likely to gain weight than others. Modifications to the dog’s food can effectively address any weight-related concerns.

At Hills, nutritionists and veterinarians have meticulously processed clinical nutrients to provide complete and balanced nutrition to keep an eye on the weight gain of dogs.

The prescription diet w/d also helps dogs maintain normal blood glucose levels and facilitate digestion.

Aside from that, the S=OXSHIELD confidence seal demonstrates that this excellent chicken-flavored dog food meets the nutrition guidelines that are beneficial for urinary functions and reduce the danger of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Per kilogram, there are 3,100 calories.
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)15 percent, fat (minimum)6 percent, Fiber (Maximum)20 percent
  • Amount: Dry
  • Ingredients: Whole Grain Wheat, Cellulose Powder, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Corn, and Corn Gluten Meal
  • It is designed to support the dog’s immune system. This food is high in L-carnitine, which increases the dog’s metabolic rate. It has a reasonable amount of fiber, which helps the dog feel satisfied between meals.
  • Cost: $32.99 per 8.5-pound bag


  • It is an excellent food for lowering dogs’ blood sugar levels.
  • This dog food aids in weight loss for dogs.
  • This flavor is preferred by the majority of dogs.


  • The content label lacks intrigue as compared to the price tag.

7. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Canned Products

Wellness core grain-free canned food is another protein-rich composition with fewer carbohydrates. This grain-free meal is comprised of several proteins and a variety of savory and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. It may help some pet owners maintain their dog’s blood sugar levels.

The dogs enjoy the taste of turkey, but they enjoy it even more when it is stuffed with chicken. It indicates how well the wellness core brand team prioritizes and understands the taste preferences of dogs.

This health core recipe contains a high concentration of premium animal protein devoid of fillers and grains and botanical and nutrient-rich supplements. It is a particular recipe that assists and nourishes the inside, essence, and core of canines.

This cuisine contains around 50 percent more protein sources than the healthy chicken and sweet potato recipe. Mineral levels are meticulously maintained and guaranteed to aid in metabolic function.

Greens and botanicals contribute to preventative health benefits. The fish and flax omega-3 mixture is beneficial for healthy skin and coat. Complete and balanced for everyday consumption.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Per kilogram, there are 3,100 calories.
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)12 percent, fat (minimum)8 percent, Fiber (Maximum)0.5 percent, Moisture 78 percent (Maximum)
  • Variety: Wet
  • Ingredients.: Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, and Chicken Meal
  • The minerals in this diet are designed to support a healthy metabolism. It does not contain any maize, soy, or wheat. This cuisine consists of 50 percent protein and 8 percent carbohydrates combined as a dry ingredient.
  • Cost: $ 39.84 per case of 12 12.5oz ounces


  • Numerous owners have rated this food as an excellent option.
  • This cuisine has an excellent flavor.
  • This Wellness core variant has excellent digestibility.


  • This cuisine is not inexpensive and is priced excessively.

8. Natural Wet Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe

The extremely low carbohydrate content of Instinct’s original grain-free canned food may make it a suitable option for certain diabetic pets.

Unlike other canned dog foods, Instinct Original is packed with nutritious fruits and vegetables to ensure that the dog obtains all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it needs.

Feed the dog the Instinct Original Grain-free real chicken recipe natural wet canned dog food to satisfy its need for real food.

This rich animal protein, grain-free recipe is supported by the belief of Instinct in raw and is formulated specifically for dogs to bring forth their full potential.

It is meticulously balanced with nourishing components such as real meat, fruits, and vegetables in a delicious loaf texture and natural sources of omega fatty acids to help maintain a healthy coat and skin.

This flavorful recipe is comprised primarily of cage-free chicken. It is rich in animal protein to strengthen lean muscular mass.

With 95 percent chicken, turkey, and chicken liver, 5 percent vegetables, fruits, other nutritious ingredients, and no grains, this dog food is ideal for diabetic pets.

This food contains no grain, potato, maize, wheat, soy, by-product meal, or artificial additives or preservatives.

This delectable bread also contains natural omega-fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat. It is created in the United States using the world’s finest ingredients.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Caloric Content (Per Kg): 1342 calories per kilogram
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)9.5 percent, fat (minimum)8.5 percent, Fiber (Maximum)3 percent, Moisture 78 percent (Maximum)
  • Variety: moist
  • Ingredients: Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, and Ground Flaxseed are the top five
  • It is created with authentic meat and venison. There are no added colors or tastes and no additives or preservatives and determined to have 6 percent carbohydrates.
  • Cost: $20.94 per case of six 13.2oz ounces


  • This food is low in carbohydrates and heavy in protein.
  • It aids in the management of canine blood sugar levels.
  • This snack contains more fruits and vegetables than most similar products.


  • This food is evaluated as having a higher fat content.
  • There have been concerns about the packing and delivery of this meal.

9. Glycobalance Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

The royal canine glycobalance dry dog food aids in preserving the dog’s health and vitality. This dry diet designed exclusively for veterinarians helps dogs maintain appropriate blood glucose levels.

It is low in carbohydrates and high in protein to aid in the maintenance of the dog’s muscle mass. The portion of moderate fat helps maintain ideal body mass. It is also abundant in antioxidants, which support the dog’s health and vitality.

This carefully prepared meal is formulated to provide your pet buddy’s exact nutrients. This veterinarian-exclusive dry dog food is formulated to help dogs maintain appropriate blood glucose levels.

It contains a low level of carbohydrates and an abundance of protein to help the puppy maintain muscular mass. The moderate-fat portion contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight.

It is also rich in antioxidants, contributing to the dog’s overall health and vitality. Glycobalance dry contains a low level of starch, which is approximately 49 percent lower than the health nutrition medium for adults.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Appropriate for: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Per kilogram, there are 3334 calories.
  • Analysis: Protein (minimum)35 percent, fat (minimum)10 percent, Fiber (Maximum)10 percent, Moisture 10 percent (Maximum)
  • Amount: Dry
  • Chicken By-Product Meal, Barley, Corn Gluten Meal, Cellulose Powder, and Wheat Gluten are the ingredients in this product.
  • This food is primarily designed to promote healthy glucose levels in the dog’s body. This dog food contains moderate fat to maintain a healthy body mass. The abundant protein aids in the maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Cost: $34.99 per 7.7-pound bag


  • This cuisine is made with authentic ingredients.
  • The money-back guarantee is the most notable feature of this cuisine. If we are not satisfied, we can return the item and receive a refund.
  • This food is created with the health issues dogs encounter in mind.


  • This formula is more expensive than other foods on the market.

What Is Doggie Diabetes?

Diabetes affects dogs and humans in essentially the same ways.

The body breaks it down when food is consumed into its components, primarily lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates (glucose). A short time later, the pancreas secretes insulin, a hormone that aids glucose metabolism.

Occasionally, though, the pancreas stops making insulin, or the cells of the body fail to respond appropriately. The former is known as diabetes type I, whereas the latter is known as diabetes type II. Both are grave and manifest identically: The body cannot adequately digest glucose.

It is believed that type I diabetes, the most prevalent form in dogs, is caused by an autoimmune disease that destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Although no one understands the specific cause, there appears to be a strong hereditary link.

In contrast, type II diabetes is frequently connected with obesity and other variables. The body produces so much insulin that cells grow resistant to insulin.

In either situation, the body cannot utilize glucose adequately, resulting in various health issues. Therefore, diabetes must be regarded as a grave ailment.

Even though there are therapies for both types of diabetes, there is no cure; diabetes is a lifelong condition.

Diabetes & Your Dog’s Diet

Dietary adjustments may be necessary upon receiving a diabetes diagnosis for your dog.

Closely managing his caloric intake will be essential, and many veterinarians recommend a low-carb, high-fiber diet.

Dr. Jeff Werber is the chief veterinarian at the Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles, California. Recommends that owners choose food with a carbohydrate content of 20 to 25 percent on a dry matter basis.

This will aid in preventing blood sugar surges, which is essential while caring for a diabetic dog. Low glycemic index foods do not cause an increase in blood sugar levels.

High fiber content also aids in this area, as it slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream. It also occupies space in the digestive tract, prolonging your dog’s feeling of fullness.

A few diabetic dog prescription diets are available. Nonetheless, many diabetic dogs can thrive on ordinary, high-quality dog food. You’ll need to consult your veterinarian for confirmation.

The Most Effective Diabetic Dog Foods

Diabetes is an extremely significant medical condition. When selecting dog food, you must collaborate closely with your veterinarian.

However, many pet owners must experiment with various feeds until they find one that regulates their pet’s blood sugar levels. And tasty and easily digestible for their dog.

As a result, we suggest the following foods as viable alternatives for your diabetic pet.

Each possesses the general characteristics of healthy dog foods for diabetics. But always discuss any potential dietary modifications with your veterinarian and defer to their knowledge when deciding.

Also, notice that some foods listed below may require a prescription.

1. Recipe for Ketona Chicken Dog Food

Recipe for Ketona Chicken Dog Meal is a scientifically developed dog food with an extremely minimal amount of carbohydrates.

In fact, this formula has only 5% digestible carbohydrates, 0.5% sugars, and an astounding 46% protein, making it a highly appealing option for diabetic dogs. The only drawback is the price, which is pretty high.


  • American-raised, non-GMO chicken is the first ingredient listed.
  • Contains 46 percent protein (Guaranteed Analysis)
  • Contains no corn, soy, wheat, or potatoes.
  • Made in America

Ingredients List

Chicken, Pea Protein, Green Pea Flour, Oat Hulls (Source of Fiber), and Chicken Fat as Ingredients (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols).


  • Contains the lowest carbohydrate percentage of any commercially available kibble. Several owners found it useful in reducing blood sugar rises.
  • Most dogs appear to like the taste
  • Great protein content


  • This is an extremely pricey alternative for non-prescription food.
  • Contains no probiotics; this is comparable to many others, but considering the cost, we’d like to see them included.

2. Yumwoof Excellent Kibble

A slow-cooked, delicious dog meal created by a nutritionist and New York City chef.

Even though your dog has diabetes, he does not have to eat bad-tasting food! Yumwoof’s Perfect Kibble is a slow-cooked dish with 16 percent carbohydrates by dry weight. Additionally, it is packed with excellent ingredients to guarantee that your diabetic dog can still enjoy dinner.


  • Contains antioxidant-rich “superfoods,” such as pumpkin and blueberries, and is one of the few shelf-stable foods created with human-grade components.
  • Slow-cooked in a USDA kitchen using only ingredients obtained from the United States
  • Contains more MCT (a healthy fat) than any other dog chow on the market.
  • Receive a 5% discount when you enter the code K9OFMINE at checkout!

Ingredients List

Fresh beef, eggs, organic coconut oil, coconut glycerin, flaxseed, and carrots


  • Slow-cooked for a flavor that dogs adore.
  • Low carbohydrate content prevents blood glucose increases.
  • Contains no peas or legumes, which may be associated with the development of canine chylomicronemia (DCM) in some dogs.


  • Despite being more economical than fresh goods, this quality comes at a cost.
  • No probiotics are present; however, you can add Yumwoof’s probiotic supplement.
  • A few dogs were first confused by the texture, but the majority grew to enjoy it.


A prescription diet for dogs with weight or blood sugar problems.

About: Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D is a portion of prescription dog food for canines with digestive issues, weight management difficulties, or blood-sugar imbalances.

This food requires a prescription from your veterinarian, but you are not required to purchase it through your veterinarian. With a vet’s prescription, you can purchase it from Amazon or Chewy (often at a better price than your veterinarian offers).


  • High quantities of L-carnitine speed up your dog’s metabolism. Moderate levels of fiber help keep your dog satisfied between meals.
  • Made in America

Ingredients List

Whole wheat, corn, cellulose powder, chicken, and corn gluten meal.


  • Numerous owners discovered that this food performed precisely their desire: it lowered their dog’s blood sugar levels.
  • This food helped some canines shed pounds.
  • Multiple canines absorbed this food better than other options.


  • No complete protein is present.
  • Exclusively available by prescription
  • Comparable to many other prescription dog diets in terms of cost

4. Orijen Grain-Free

A low-carb, high-protein choice comprises organs, cartilage, bones, and probiotics.

Orijen Grain-Free is a well-respected dog food with outstanding protein levels and extremely low carbohydrate content. Making it an excellent option for diabetic dogs.


  • 20 percent carbs & 38 percent protein
  • 85 percent of the substance consists of meat, while 15 percent consists of produce.
  • No grains, tapioca, or plant protein concentrates are present.
  • Contains raw flesh, organs, cartilage, and bone
  • Made in America

Ingredients List

Fresh chicken meat (13%), fresh turkey meat (7%), fresh eggs from cage-free hens (7%), fresh chicken liver (6%), and fresh whole herring (3%). (6 percent ).


  • Extremely low carbohydrate content compared to conventional kibble.
  • Contains multiple “superfoods” with additional health advantages.
  • Contains probiotics to promote healthy digestion.
  • It is loaded with protein.


  • As with many top dog foods for diabetics, this alternative is costly.
  • Dogs with food sensitivities shouldn’t consume multi-protein dog meals.

5. Acana Mountain Ranch

Acana Mountain Ranch

A portion of high-protein dog food comprises various deboned meats and meat meals.

Acana Appalachian Ranch is a very high-quality, protein-rich dog food with a surprisingly low carbohydrate content for a mainstream product, at just 32 percent (GA)


  • The first six components are deboned beef, pork, lamb, beef meal, and pork meal.
  • 70 percent fresh, raw, or dehydrated animal, vegetable, fruit, and botanical ingredients.
  • Made in America

We computed the carbohydrate % using the manufacturer-supplied Guaranteed Analysis data. However, the quantity of existing ash was not specified. In the end, this indicates that the carbohydrate count may be considerably lower than indicated.

Ingredients List

Deboned beef, deboned pork, lamb, and beef meal.


  • This dish contains an astounding quantity of protein.
  • The protein- and the vegetable-rich dish is excellent for diabetic pets.
  • Contains a variety of “superfoods” that may provide additional health advantages.


  • While its carbohydrate content is lower than other popular dog foods, this diet has more carbohydrates than many other options.
  • It was really costly.
  • Multiple proteins may pose a concern for allergic dogs.
  • This grain-free choice may pose cardiovascular health hazards.

6. Original Instinct Wet Dog Food

A grain-free meal for dogs that is high in protein and low in carbs.

About: Instinct Original Grain-Free Canned Food is a very low-carb solution that some diabetic dogs may find suitable.


  • Made from authentic beef and deer
  • Contains no grains
  • 6 percent estimated carbohydrate content (dry matter basis)
  • Made in America

Ingredients List

Beef, venison, beef stock, beef liver, flaxseed meal…


  • This dish contains the least amount of carbohydrates that we could locate.
  • This canned food contains a variety of fruits and vegetables, as opposed to most other tinned foods.
  • Protein-rich dish


  • Contains more fat than is preferred by most owners.
  • Using this as your dog’s primary diet might be costly as other canned choices.

7. Natural Wellness CORE Grain-Free Food in Cans

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Natural Canned Food

A grain-free, low-carbohydrate canned food formulated to promote metabolic function.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Canned Food is another high-protein, low-carbohydrate recipe.

Made with multiple types of protein and various tasty and nutritious fruits and veggies. This grain-free meal may assist certain dog owners in controlling their pet’s blood sugar levels.


  • Mineral levels are precisely tailored to support metabolic function overall
  • Free of maize, soy, and wheat
  • 50 percent protein content and just 8 percent carbohydrate content based on dry matter
  • Made in America

Ingredients List

Whitefish, Chicken, Liver of Chicken, Salmon Broth, and Salmon…


  • Extremely low in carbohydrate content
  • It is loaded with protein; most dogs appreciated the flavor and digested it without difficulty.


  • This food is costly, even compared to other tinned options.
  • Always exercise caution when picking a grain-free food (though the benefits may outweigh the risks for diabetic dogs)

8. Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Dog Food in Cans

Taste of the Wilderness in the Southwest Canyon

A low-carb, multi-protein canned food containing fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants.

Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon is a protein-rich, low-carbohydrate canned meal (it contains 50 percent protein on a dry matter basis). This recipe includes beef, lamb, and wild boar, among other meats.


  • 20 percent carbohydrate content on a dry matter basis
  • Produced from antioxidative-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Made in America
  • Appropriate for all stages of life

Ingredients List

Beef, beef broth, vegetable broth, liver, egg product dehydrated…


  • Consists of a low carbohydrate content
  • Protein-rich recipe
  • Comparatively inexpensive for a canned product.


  • Contains multiple protein sources, which is considered a “positive” by some owners but might be problematic for dogs with food allergies.
  • Many owners stated that the food made their dogs extremely flatulent.

Important Considerations When Selecting a Diabetic Dog Food

Many high-fiber, low-fat foods are available on the market, but this does not imply that they are all healthy. In fact, a few of the candidates exhibit problematic qualities that should prompt you to search elsewhere.

Search for Products Produced in a Nation with Stringent Safety Protocols

Countries have varying food safety regulations, and this is particularly true for pet foods.

To enhance the likelihood that you are feeding your dog safe, adulterant-free food, select a brand manufactured in one of the following nations:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • The country of New Zealand
  • England
  • France
  • Germany

1. Avoid Foods First ingredient listed as a Carbohydrate

Dogs require meat-based diets to look, feel, and act their best; therefore, you should always choose a food that lists a full protein, such as deboned chicken or fish, as the first ingredient.

Carbohydrates are essential ingredients in dog food, but they should appear lower on the list. Remember that you should seek foods with a carbohydrate level of less than 25 percent.

Also, not all carbohydrates are made equal. Even if there is nothing “wrong” with maize, it is not the greatest carbohydrate for dog food, particularly for diabetic dogs. Instead, seek foods that utilize carbohydrates, such as brown rice and bran.

2. Never Consume Foods Containing Unidentified Meat By-Products or Meat Meals

Meat dishes and animal by-products may appear repulsive to pet owners, yet they can be healthful ingredients.

Nonetheless, meat meals should not be the first ingredient specified (you still want a whole protein to be the leading ingredient in any food). And they must be detected correctly.

For instance, chicken by-products are often permissible ingredients, whereas animal by-products with generic labels are not. Some poorly identified beef meals and by-products may contain protein derived from undesirable and potentially hazardous sources.

3. Purchase Dietary Supplements and Nutrient-Rich Foods for Your Dog

Most contemporary dog diets, especially premium varieties, are engineered to have the ideal ratio of vitamins and minerals. However, health is not limited to vitamins and minerals.

Your dog may require additional nutrients in his diet to remain healthy. For instance, many high-quality dog diets contain antioxidant-rich components, which can support your dog’s immune system.

Other foods contain nutrients such as chondroitin and glucosamine, which aid in joint protection. In addition, several feeds contain probiotic supplements to assist regulate your dog’s digestive tract and increase his capacity to digest food.

4. Stay Away From Foods With Artificial Additives

Numerous low-quality dog foods rely on artificial colors and tastes to improve the food’s appearance and flavor.

However, these compounds may cause food-related allergies or other health issues and should be avoided whenever feasible. In addition, foods created with premium components are often tasty without these additions.

How to Determine the Percentage of Carbohydrates in Your Dog’s Food

Frequently, the carbohydrate content is not listed on dog food packaging, much to the distress of owners with diabetic dogs.

Fortunately, you can calculate the carbohydrate content of your dog’s food using the information supplied in the Guaranteed Analysis (GA) section.

  1. Add the protein, fat, moisture, and ash percentages measured in the GA.
  2. Subtract this number from 100.
  3. This is the proportion of carbs present in dog food.

However, the amount of ash is typically not included in the Guaranteed Analysis. However, this percentage is often between 5 and 8 percent.

Because we could not obtain the definitive carbohydrate count for some dishes using the GA, the carbohydrate percentage may be lower than what we’ve recorded (we’ve indicated which items this may be true for below).

In several instances, the carbohydrate % was provided by other sources; when such data was available, we utilized it.

Final Thoughts

Similar to humans, dogs often have a variety of health problems. Diabetes, an illness caused by a malfunctioning pancreas, is one of the dogs’ most prevalent and severe health problems.

Your pet may have difficulty maintaining regular blood sugar levels without a healthy pancreas. When not treated promptly, diabetes can lead to serious complications and even death.

Therefore, you may need to collaborate with your veterinarian to raise a healthy dog and feed him a diet that delivers the nutrients a diabetic dog requires.

Remember that diet is not the golden rule for preventing diabetes in dogs. The health of the dog could be preserved by keeping them thin.

The more your dog’s caloric intake, the greater their risk of developing diabetes complications. Keep track of the calories you feed your pet and the activities and workouts you set for them and pay attention to their motions.

Walking and regular exercise could be of great assistance in preserving your dog’s fitness. Walk your dog regularly and organize low-intensity activities for your friend. Overly strenuous exercise may cause a decline in blood sugar levels.

Choose the appropriate diet if your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, and have them shake their paws to make them feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food for Diabetic Dogs

What Foods Should Dogs With Diabetes Avoid?

Avoid feeding your dog table scraps or anything containing sugar or sweeteners. Corn syrup and meals with a high glycemic index raise blood sugar rapidly, such as white rice and bread.

Do Diabetic Dogs Need Special Food?

Dr. Jeff Werber, the principal veterinarian of the Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles, California, states. “The optimum diabetic dog food should include between 20 and 25 percent carbohydrate matter on a dry matter basis; anything beyond 30 percent is considered high-carb for a diabetic dog.”

Are Scrambled Eggs Good For Diabetic Dogs?

However, are they safe for a diabetic dog to consume? Eggs are beneficial for a diabetic dog because they are an excellent source of protein and do not cause a rise in blood sugar levels. A healthful, nutritious, and well-balanced diet is one of the cornerstones of good health.

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Rice?

Why? Because its digestive system cannot fully absorb and use all its food’s nutritional value. If your diabetic dog requires a small amount of white rice, you can give it to him, but you shouldn’t give it to him regularly.

Is Chicken Good For Diabetic Dogs?

Include lean meats and fish in your dog’s diet as high-quality protein sources. Lamb, cattle, chicken, turkey, and numerous fish species are excellent protein sources. You can also feed your pet dairy products, such as low-fat cottage cheese and eggs.

Can I Give My Diabetic Dog Carrots?

Raw or cooked carrots can be consumed in moderation without risk. If offering your dog raw carrots, thoroughly puree them so they may be safely eaten and adequately digested. As with most leafy greens, parsley is high in fiber and low in sugar. This veggie is great for diabetics, dogs, and humans alike.

How Many Times A Day Do You Feed A Diabetic Dog?

The ultimate goal is to serve your dog two identical meals each day, approximately 12 hours apart, with treats contributing less than 10 percent of daily nutrition. Insulin is administered within an hour of each meal, and this schedule should be followed as consistently as feasible.

Is Purina One Chicken And Rice Good For Diabetic Dogs?

In addition, it is well-known for being the best grain-free dry dog food for diabetic dogs. Fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals abound in chicken.

Is Sweet Potato Good For Diabetic Dogs?

Owners should be cautious when feeding sweet potatoes to dogs with diabetes, obesity, or a lack of energy. According to Dr. Barrack, due to their high glycemic index, they should be included in the diets of diabetic dogs with caution.

Is Peanut Butter Good For Dogs With Diabetes?

A small amount of high-quality peanut butter is safe for your diabetic dog to eat in moderation. When choosing a brand, however, you must be quite cautious. This is a mystery. Many peanut butter have added sugar and fat, which might affect your dog’s blood sugar levels, so be careful.

How Do You Get A Dog’s Blood Sugar Down?

High Blood Sugar Recovery in Dogs A diagnosis of diabetes mellitus will typically necessitate twice-daily insulin injections and severe dietary adjustments, including reducing sugar intake and giving a high-protein, high-fiber, low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet.

Why Are Diabetic Dogs Always Hungry?

Why? Because its digestive system cannot fully absorb and use all, it consumes. Increased hunger. Even if the dog consumes a typical amount of food, it may constantly feel hungry because the body’s cells are not receiving sufficient glucose.

Is Protein Good For Diabetic Dogs?

The recipe in Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food is ideal for diabetic pets. Over 46 percent of its calories come from chicken and pea protein, and it is low in carbohydrates (5 percent), sugar (0.5 percent), and starch (5 percent ). This dish is also grain-free. Overall, this diet is good for diabetic canines.

When Should You Feed A Diabetic Dog?

Every 12 hours, diabetic dogs must be fed the same amount and type of food. Insulin shots should be administered shortly after meals to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. If your dog is eating less than normal, you can reduce his insulin dosage. Dogs need to be exercised in the same way and at the same time every day.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Dog With Diabetes?

Diabetic dogs have an excellent life expectancy. Hyperphosphataemia is a rather common sign in newly diagnosed diabetic dogs and is indicative of a poor prognosis. It is possible that pancreatitis is not connected with a negative consequence.

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