Best Dog Toys for Italian Greyhounds

1. SPOT Skineeez Stufless Dog Toy with Squeaker

The SPOT Skineeez Stuffless Dog Toy with Squeaker is different from other dog toys because it does not have any stuffing. That means that an Italian Greyhound can play with it repeatedly without it being destroyed.

  • Realistically mimics animals
  • Available as a beaver, flying squirrel, raccoon, or skunk
  • It comes with a built-in squeaker

2. Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball Dog Toy

The Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball Dog Toy is a simple, effective toy perfect for working dogs like Italian Greyhounds. This toy is designed to keep dogs active and constantly moving. It is ideal for dogs with high stamina and who love chasing and pushing things around.

  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Can be filled with water, sand, or gravel for additional challenges
  • For use on water and land

3. COLLAR Puller

The COLLAR Puller is a great toy and fitness tool for Italian Greyhounds. This toy is perfect for its high energy output. It allows the dog owner to train their Italian Greyhound for an extended period without getting tired.

  • Puller consists of two rings
  • Unique material doesn’t damage dogs’ teeth or gums
  • No odors

4. VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys Dog Chew

The VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys Dog Chew is an excellent toy for Italian Greyhounds. It is made of non-toxic, strong rubber material, elastic and soft toys. This toy will help burn off energy and is an excellent source of exercise.

  • Two built-in squeakers to encourage natural hunt and play behavior
  • 100% real beef-flavored scent
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

5. Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy

The Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy is a ball-within-a-ball toy that Italian Greyhounds can play with. This toy is available in four sizes and floats in water, perfect for retrieving and fetching.

  • Easy-grip ball design
  • Retains its shape even when punctured
  • Movable interior ball inside a rounded outer cube

Italian Greyhound Dog Toy Buyer’s Guide

Buying a dog toy for an Italian Greyhound is a very important decision. Because toys are usually inexpensive, you may wish to buy a few to determine which one your dog prefers. Toys are an excellent way for energetic dogs like Italian Greyhounds to use up their energy, and they are also great tools for training during the early months of your dog’s life.
Below are some features to consider when looking for toys that will keep your dog entertained.


Italian Greyhounds love to play. They are high-energy dogs that were initially bred to catch rodents. That means they will get a lot of use from any toy you give them. That is why it is good to have multiple toys and choose strong ones. Italian Greyhounds will likely go through them quickly.


The materials used in dog toys need to be tough, so the toy does not break. The toy should also be cushioned to protect the teeth and gums of the dog. Rubber is a good material for this because it is durable and cushioned.


Some dog toys will have a squeaky sound. This sound mimics the noise of prey escaping from an Italian Greyhound. This way, their instincts are expressed. Some toys also have scents to satisfy the dogs’ chewing instincts.


If you are a dog owner, it is essential to consider how heavy a toy is. Italian Greyhounds will likely want to play for long periods, and if the toy requires human cooperation, it is essential to choose one which will not exhaust you in the process.

What Are The Suitable Toys for Greyhounds

As a dog owner, you always seek your pet’s greatest toys. You know that not all toys are acceptable for dogs, and you are interested in greyhound-appropriate toys.

You can purchase the perfect toy for your dog by learning more about greyhounds and their features.

Characteristics of Greyhounds

Greyhounds are normally huge canines that weigh between 61 and 100 pounds, except for the Italian greyhound, which is smaller and weighs between seven and 14 pounds.

Both varieties are renowned for being nice to families and other dogs and gentle and graceful. Greyhound owners will observe that their little and large dog breeds enjoy cuddling and have balanced temperaments.

Exercise, Playtime, and Greyhounds

Greyhounds have moderate exercise requirements, which means they are not excessively active. They are always eager for a game of fetch or a stroll and make excellent trekking companions.

Because they get along well with other canines, your greyhound will probably like the dog park. Obviously, you will need to socialize your puppy when he is small for him to have positive relationships with other canines.

Since greyhounds were bred for sight hunting, they have large eyes with a wide field of vision. Greyhounds have a 270-degree range of vision compared to humans’ 180-degree range. They may detect rabbits and squirrels in your neighborhood from a great distance.

They may pursue animals with a high prey drive and encounter them. However, with positive reinforcement training, you may be able to prevent them from attacking these animals. Ensure that your yard is fenced in if you intend to leave them outside. Otherwise, they might flee when pursuing animals.

Keeping this information in mind, you can determine which toys your greyhound will enjoy. Here are some suggestions for getting started.

Best Chew Toys for Greyhounds

Unfortunately, greyhounds frequently have poor dental health. 39 percent of greyhounds examined in one research had dental problems.

By providing your greyhound with numerous chew toys, you can attempt to prevent dental problems.

Start with Outward Hound, where you may purchase greyhound-approved chew toys such as the Dogwood, available in different sizes for small, medium, and big dogs. The two-pack contains two large, mint-flavored, natural wood dog chew sticks to help maintain the health of your greyhound’s teeth and gums.

You may play a game of fetch with these faux wood sticks, which are far safer than natural sticks because they do not shatter or splinter. These toys are especially perfect for chewers, who will chew on these wooden sticks instead of your furniture, shoes, or other household things.

1. Dogwood Wood Alternative Dog Chew Toy, Mesquite

A safe and long-lasting alternative to chewing real wood sticks, Dogwood by Petstages has all the taste and texture of a natural tree branch but will last much longer and won’t splinter and make a mess as your pup chews. With various scents like the smell of real wood or a Mesquite BBQ, Dogwood combines real wood with synthetic strength, making it a tough and durable chew toy. This alternative chew…

2. Latex Rubber Balloon Squeaky Dog Toy

Charming Pet’s assortment of colorful and bouncy Latex Rubber Balloons is suited for interactive and alone play. These plush and squishy dog toys are created from phthalate- and lead-free natural latex rubber for worry-free play. Polyfill and a squeaker imitate the feeling of prey and entice your dog to play. These toys can be utilized for indoor and outdoor play with relative ease.

3. Squeaker Ballz Squeaky Tennis Balls, Medium

Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz is an innovative take on the traditional tennis ball! The excellent rubber used to manufacture these multicolored, multisized balls ensures that their bounce will not diminish before the games are over. Your dog will enjoy retrieving this noisy tennis ball, whether playing indoors or outdoors. Squeaker Ballz are available in packs of 2, 4, 6, and 8, making them an excellent addition to households with one pet.

4. Ropes-A-Go-Go Interactive Plush Dog Tug Toy

Ropes-A-Go-Go characters by Outward Hound are charming, multi-sensory, interactive dog toys that your dog will love! Constructed from plush, corduroy, and twisted rope, this dog toy is comforting yet durable enough to withstand numerous play sessions. Stuffed with crinkle paper and three squeakers, this toy will entertain your dog for hours. Grab the loops of the rope for a game of tug-of-war.

5. Nylabones

Even though the Nylabone is more of a treat than a toy, you can still throw one across the lawn and watch your greyhound go after it. These are useful for removing tartar and plaque from the teeth of greyhounds. The ones with rough surfaces will also remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas along the gum line of your mouth.

6. Hide A Toy Plush Puzzle Toy

Your greyhound can enjoy hours of interactive play with a plush toy. Due to his high hunting drive, your pet will appreciate plush animals like a duck, squirrel, or rabbit. Especially if they feature a squeaker, these soft toys are easy to fling around your yard or home and keep your dog entertained.

Outward Hounds Hide A range of plush dog hide-and-seek puzzles was created to combat boredom. Encourage constructive play and satisfy your dog’s innate hunting impulses. To mentally stimulate your dog, 2-in-1 interactive play offers both fetch and hide-and-seek possibilities for double the enjoyment. Check out our replacement 3-packs for dogs who cannot get enough of these stuffed animals.

7. Dog Smart Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy, Orange

A puzzle toy doubles as a reward dispenser is another useful toy for greyhounds, especially those with separation anxiety. Place your greyhound’s favorite treats or kibble inside the puzzle and observe him as he attempts to solve it and get his meal. This will provide him with hours of entertainment.

When to Not Play With Your Greyhound

Greyhounds occasionally suffer from torsion, a disorder in which the stomach twists on itself. They are more susceptible to bloating due to the depth of their chests. Both of these diseases are deadly.

One way to avoid them is to refrain from playing with your greyhound immediately following a meal. If you observe that your greyhound has a firm abdomen and an arched back, it may be ill. If he has difficulty finding comfort, he may be suffering from bloating. You must contact your veterinarian immediately.

Making Your Greyhound Happy

Your friendly greyhound enjoys playing with you. Invest in rope toys, Kongs, stuffed plush toys, tennis balls, and other toys that he will enjoy all day long to keep him happy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Toys for Italian Greyhounds

What Do Italian Greyhounds Like To Play With?

The Italian Greyhound is a small and playful dog. It loves to play indoors and outdoors. One of its favorite activities is running. It’ll stay inside and play with a toy when it’s cold. The Italian Greyhound especially likes playing tug-of-war.

What Toys Are Best For Greyhounds?

Making your Greyhound happy can be easy. You can buy toys that it will enjoy playing with, like rope toys, Kongs, stuffed plush dog toys, tennis balls, and more.

How Do Greyhounds Keep Entertained?

Physical exercise is essential for your Greyhound. Playing games like fetch or tug of war or running around in the yard will help them get some exercise. But it’s also essential to give them mental stimulation. Make sure to provide them with plenty of opportunities to think and learn new things.

Are Greyhounds Chewers?

There are many reasons why dogs chew. Some include being bored, being young, and not getting enough exercise. It’s also possible that a dog has OCD. If this is the case, the dog will need a fenced area to run around in every day. Ideally, they would get at least 15 minutes to do a few blasts and lots of sniffs.

Can Greyhounds Chew Bones?

Large beef leg bones are great for your dog. They will love to gnaw on them to get to the marrow inside. Cooked bones are dangerous to your dog. It would be best if you never gave it to them.

How Many Hours Does A Greyhound Sleep A Day?

Most of the time, Greyhounds sleep for about 18 hours a day. It would be best if you put their bed in a place where they can be with the family and be away from the traffic flow. It will be their “timeout” area where they can watch what is going on but not be involved.

Can You Jog With An Italian Greyhound?

Italian Greyhounds are sprinters, not long-distance runners. They’ll sprint across the yard or down the street with you. But they are not good running partners for long distances.

Do Italian Greyhounds Need Shoes?

Italian Greyhounds need special dog boots in the winter to protect their paws from salt and other dangers. Woof Woofs Custom Dog Boots makes special dog boots to fit Italian Greyhounds (and other small and large dog breeds).

Do Italian Greyhounds Need A Yard?

Italian greyhounds are part of the gazehound family. That means they love to chase things. So it is essential that your yard is enclosed and that there are no spaces where the dog can get out.

Are Italian Greyhounds Dumb?

The Italian Greyhound is an agile and fast dog. Some people think he is dumb because he can lose focus if training isn’t done in short, game-like sessions. But the Italian Greyhound is not dumb.

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