The Best Toothpaste for Your Dog

Toothpaste for dogs is an excellent approach to keeping a dog’s teeth clean and healthy. It helps prevent tartar build-up, leading to gum disease or more serious conditions.

There are many dog toothpaste brands, but not all are safe for dogs. Some of them have harmful chemicals that can be dangerous if your pet eats them. So how do we know which is the best dog toothpaste should be avoided?

It can be difficult to find this information. This leaves many of us unsure where to turn or who to trust. We can worry about providing the best for our dogs and keeping them as healthy as possible.

Continue reading to discover the most effective dog toothpaste on the market. We’ll also tell you about a handy buyer’s guide that can help you choose the best toothpaste for your dog. Just stick with us!

The Best Toothpaste for Your Dog

1. Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

One of the greatest toothpaste on the market is made by Vet Best. People who suffer from gum pain will find it to be quite calming. Aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, enzymes, baking soda, and neem oil are all included in this product. Because of this, it is an excellent option for individuals who are looking for a clean that is both effective and rejuvenating.

Excellent natural flavors can be found within this product. When you use it, you won’t have to be concerned about being exposed to any chemicals. Your dog is going to absolutely adore the flavor, and the gel tube makes it very simple to administer the product. The tube has recently undergone repackaging, making it even simpler for you to remove the product from the container and apply it to the brush.

Your dog’s teeth will be cleaner after using this toothpaste, which is also quite simple to apply. Additionally, it removes plaque and tartar from their teeth while brightening their smile. This is an outstanding deal considering how affordable it is.


  • Made by vets – you know you can trust the formula
  • Natural ingredients – everything is safe for your dog, so you don’t need to worry when you use it!
  • Gel consistency – is super easy to squeeze out and use, saving you time!
  • Affordable – this low price point is suitable for all budgets


  • Some customers noted that their dog was unwell after using, but these reviews are few and far between.

2. Arm & Hammer For Pets Tartar Control

Arm & Hammer makes great toothpaste for people, so we were excited to try their toothpaste for dogs. We weren’t disappointed! This toothpaste comes with a complete care kit, an outstanding value for your money!

The kit comes with toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a finger brush. This will allow you to clean your dog’s teeth like a dentist. The toothpaste is also banana-flavored, so it will be super tasty for your dog!

The toothpaste is designed to reduce the build-up of tartar, improve breath, and whiten your pet’s teeth. You need to use it regularly to see a difference, but that’s the same with any toothpaste you try.

The toothpaste is made from natural ingredients, safe for your dog’s body. The baking soda makes it a good choice for puppies and dogs. It is never too early to start a good dental routine with this toothpaste!

Many other customers loved this toothpaste because it effectively got rid of tartar. They also found that it helped reduce the appearance of inflamed gums in their dogs’ mouths. If your dog’s mouth needs some help, this toothpaste could be a good option for you.

The only downside is that it doesn’t smell the best. If your dog likes to chew on it, a bad smell is worth putting up with!


  • Complete kit – provides you with everything you need to clean your dog’s teeth
  • Suitable for all dogs – making it perfect for those with dogs and young puppies
  • Easy to use – saves you time wrestling your dog trying to brush their teeth
  • Banana flavor – is sure to entice even the fussiest of dogs!


  • Doesn’t smell the best which can be a little off-putting

3. Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

The toothpaste is good for cats and dogs of all ages. If you have numerous pets, this toothpaste is a good investment.

The toothpaste uses enzymes to reduce plaque and leave your pet’s mouth clean. It also has a poultry flavor that pets will love. The toothpaste comes in poultry, beef, and vanilla mint.

This toothpaste doesn’t use any foam. That means that it is safe for your pets to swallow it. This is a good choice if you have pets who don’t like to have their teeth cleaned or if you find it difficult to rinse the toothpaste away.

The toothpaste is good when you use a soft-bristled toothbrush. We recommend getting one if you don’t have one already. The toothpaste itself is not too expensive, so it won’t cost you too much.

The only downside to this toothpaste is that you’re supposed to use it every day. That’s great because it means your dogs and cats can have clean teeth, but the tube will run out quickly. You can use it less often, but that might impact how well it works.

The toothpaste is very popular. We recommend it. But you should think about how often you will need to buy it before buying it.


  • Three flavors to choose from – allow you to find the perfect one for your dog
  • Suitable for all ages – it makes it the perfect choice for those with puppies and older dogs
  • Reasonable price – should be suitable for most budgets
  • Vet recommended – you know you can trust it!


  • Recommended daily use means you might need to repurchase it often.

4. Petrodex Advanced Pet Care Toothpaste

Petrodex toothpaste is a great choice for dog owners. It has a formula with natural extracts that fight bad breath and help eliminate any stinky smells.

The toothpaste uses patented enzymes, so you don’t need to worry about rinsing this foam from your dog’s mouth. This makes it even easier for you to clean your dog’s teeth! With a soft-bristled brush, apply it twice to three times per week.

This toothpaste is good for reducing bad breath, but it also helps reduce plaque. This keeps your dog’s mouth healthy between vet checkups. We found that it helps improve our dog’s breath and reduces plaque build-up.

This toothpaste is great because it also has a poultry flavor. If you have struggled to brush your dog’s teeth before, try putting a drop of this toothpaste on your finger. You might be surprised by how well your dog likes the taste!

If you don’t believe us, look at some pictures people have attached to their reviews. The shiny white teeth and rave reviews will convince you to try this toothpaste out. Yes, some reviews complain about the bad smell of the toothpaste, but they are so few and far between we think it’s worth a try anyway!


  • Super affordable – this toothpaste is perfect for anyone on a budget
  • Poultry flavor – is sure to attract even the most stubborn of dogs
  • Fights bad breath and plaque – to keep your dog’s mouth fresh and healthy


  • Some customers complained of a bad smell on the toothpaste.

5. RADIUS USDA Organic Canine Pet Toothpaste

RADIUS organic toothpaste is great because it has a delicious cinnamon flavor that your dog will love. It also works to fight plaque, remove bacteria, and keep your dog’s teeth nice and white.

This toothpaste is great because you don’t need a lot of it. A pea-size amount two to three times a week is all it takes to get these results. You won’t need to buy a new tube of toothpaste for a while because the gel is easy to get out of the tube.

The toothpaste is chemical-free and doesn’t have pesticides, fluoride, or anything else that could harm your dog. You can use this toothpaste without worrying about your dog’s health. Even humans can use it on their dogs!

RADIUS’ toothpaste is made in the USA. It is cruelty-free and eco-friendly. If those are important values to you, this could be your toothpaste!


  • Organic and chemical-free – making it super safe to use on your dog
  • Cinnamon flavor – is tasty and one your dog will enjoy
  • Cruelty-free and eco-friendly – making it the ideal purchase for those concerned about the environment


  • On the more expensive side

Buyer’s Guide

Do you not know what to look for when choosing toothpaste for your dog? Let our buyer’s guide help you there. Keep reading to see what features you should look out for when purchasing toothpaste for your pet so that you make the right choice.


When purchasing toothpaste for your dog, check the ingredients list. You’ll want to know what’s in your toothpaste, just as you would with dog food. Choose a toothpaste with natural ingredients.

Giving your dog a chew toy can help clean their teeth and gums. You can find chew toys that are less harmful to your dog.

If your dog has no known allergies, you don’t need to worry too much about this. Because some substances may cause allergic reactions in dogs, you’ll need to watch them.


If this is your dog’s first time using toothpaste, or if they are a little fussy, you might want to get a flavored toothpaste. A flavored toothpaste will make the whole brushing process easier! We’ve all tried giving our dogs something that doesn’t taste great and seen their reaction, so it’s important to give them something tasty!

There are many different flavors of toothpaste for dogs. You can choose a flavor that your dog will like. You can try different flavors at home to see which one your dog likes the best.

When looking for flavored toothpaste for your dog, try to find one that uses natural flavors. These kinds of toothpaste usually have fewer additives and sugar, making them healthier for your dog and mouth. After all, you wouldn’t load a child’s mouth with sugar when brushing their teeth, so why would you do it to a dog?

All toothpaste brands have a label that tells you the flavor. So, when you are looking for new toothpaste, it will be easy to find the flavor.


Make sure that the toothpaste you are buying is good for dogs. The toothpaste should be labeled as ‘for dogs,’ or it will say it is good for dogs someplace on the product description. If it doesn’t say that, don’t buy it. It’s not worth the risk of making your dog sick, so try to only buy good toothpaste for dogs.

Using the wrong toothpaste can be dangerous for your dog. Human toothpaste, for example, contains a substance called xylitol which is poisonous to dogs.

It’s not worth saving a few dollars by sharing your toothpaste with your dog because it can harm them.

If you use toothpaste containing xylitol on your dog, take them to a vet immediately for an examination.

Ease Of Use

It can be difficult to brush a dog’s teeth. It depends on the dog’s willingness to have a toothbrush with a new taste moved around in its mouth. Although numerous tips are available, this will require time and patience from you and your dog.

Toothpaste can make it easier to clean your dog’s teeth. You will want a toothpaste that is tasty and easy to use. Look for toothpaste with a flip cap that opens quickly and easily to get it on the toothbrush and your dog’s mouth.

Gel substances are the easiest to use when brushing your dog’s teeth. There is also foam toothpaste available. These do not require rinsing, and they are a preferred choice for people whose dogs do not let them brush their teeth often. If you have had trouble brushing your dog’s teeth in the past, it might be worth trying foam toothpaste to see if that is any easier.

When looking for a new toothpaste, check out customer reviews to see how easy others found the toothpaste to be. We want to make this task as easy as possible for you!

How Much?

Finally, you should consider the price of toothpaste. The price of dog toothpaste can vary dramatically, so you must select a toothpaste you can afford. When looking for toothpaste, consider your budget and find an affordable product.

There are many different types of toothpaste on the market, so you can find one that fits your budget. Don’t worry, there is toothpaste for everyone!

You should try to get the biggest tube of toothpaste that you can afford. That way, you will get the most value for your money. You can find toothpaste in large tubes, and it won’t be a tiny bottle that you run out of fast!

Visit this link to learn more information on how to brush your dog’s teeth properly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Toothpaste Dog

Can Dogs Swallow Dog Toothpaste?

The toothpaste we use is not edible for humans. That’s why we spit it out. But your dog will swallow it, which can be harmful because it contains ingredients like fluoride, additives, and the sugar substitute xylitol, which is harmful to dogs.

Can I Use Human Toothpaste For My Dogs?

Most pastes contain dangerous levels of fluoride if swallowed everyday. Animals don’t like human toothpaste. Since human dental pastes aren’t meant to be consumed (by people or pets), they’re not approved for use in pets.

How Do I Properly Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

Use a good toothbrush. Finger teeth brushes work great for dogs under 30lbs. Larger dogs need a long handle, a tilted head, and extra soft bristles. Put toothpaste between the bristles so it stays near the teeth and gums.

How Can I Stop My Dog’s Breath From Smelling?

The easiest way to stop bad dog breath is to regularly brush your dog’s teeth. This will reduce plaque and promote better oral hygiene, just as it does in humans. With a little training, most dogs will learn to enjoy having their teeth brushed. Dog toothpaste is formulated specifically for dogs.

Is It Too Late To Brush Dogs?

Brushing your dog’s teeth is something you can begin at any time. However, if your dog is more than a couple years old and has never had a professional dental cleaning, he may have a lot of tartar on his teeth. This means that brushing alone may not be able to prevent periodontal disease.

Is Fluoride Safe For Dogs?

Fluoride is poisonous to dogs in high doses. Human toothpaste is designed to be spat out, not swallowed.

Can I Use Coconut Oil On My Dog’s Teeth?

Coconut oil can work as toothpaste for dogs and keep their pearly whites actually white. It can be super simple if you have never brushed your dog’s teeth. Apply the coconut oil to a baby’s toothbrush or your finger and brush in a circular motion.

What Can I Brush My Dog’s Teeth With At Home?

You need to use toothpaste made specifically for dogs. Human kinds of toothpaste have a chemical called xylitol which is poisonous to dogs. If your dog prefers peanut butter or chicken as a toothpaste taste, there are numerous options.

Can I Make My Own Dog Toothpaste?

Mix together baking soda and coconut oil to make doggo toothpaste. You can use any dish you like. You can even make extra to store for a couple of days. Simply mix the ingredients by shaking or stirring.

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