The Best Shampoos for Lab Puppies

As a lab parent, you know that finding the best dog shampoo for their double coat can be a tough job. Labs shed all year round, and they can sometimes smell bad. These are important things to consider before purchasing shampoo for your lab.

No product will be perfect for every lab, so finding a good product for your dog is important. The fact that so many items are available on the market makes it rather tricky. This post can assist you in locating the shampoo that is ideal for laboratories. In-depth analyses of the various shampoos on the market will be provided. Keep reading!

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The 10 Best Shampoo For Labs Puppies

1. Buddy Wash Lavender Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

This shampoo is a combination of shampoo and conditioner. It is soap-free and made from natural dog shampoo ingredients that will not harm your lab. You and your cherished animal companion will benefit from the calming effects of the lavender and mint in the bath. Even though it has a powerful odor, this shampoo is highly recommended for how it leaves the fur feeling after use.

This shampoo does not run like some other shampoos. It is also less expensive, which is convenient. The container has 16 ounces of shampoo, and because it is creamy, you only need a small amount to wash your dog so it will last a while. Given all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why we chose this shampoo as the best overall option for labs.


  • Inexpensive
  • Thick consistency
  • Long-lasting
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Strong scent

2. Veterinary Clinical Antiseptic & Antifungal Dog Shampoo

Because it is medicated and treats many skin diseases, the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo is an excellent choice for labradors. Aloe vera in the shampoo will help soothe your Labrador’s skin and promote healing.

This shampoo is good for preventing skin conditions in your dog, even if you haven’t noticed any problems yet. It also smells nice and will leave your lab’s skin clean and shiny. However, if your dog’s skin is susceptible, it might become drier after using the shampoo a few times. Therefore, observe the instructions.


  • 100% paraben-free formula
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Promotes healing of skin irritation and conditions


  • May dry out the skin

3. Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Dog & Cat Shampoo

Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Dog & Cat Shampoo is an excellent choice because it will soothe your pet’s skin while controlling bacteria and fungi. It can also be utilized as a prophylactic measure, especially if your lab has sensitive, inflammation-prone skin.

This shampoo is said to help dogs with skin conditions. People also say that this shampoo smells good and is not too strong. This shampoo will not worry about your dog’s red, dry, itchy skin.


  • Helps with healing skin conditions and irritations
  • It prevents future skin disorders
  • Many healthful ingredients


  • Expensive

4. PetAg Fresh ‘N Clean Dog Shampoo with Fragrance

We recommend PetAg Fresh ‘n clean scented dog shampoo for pups. If you have a lab puppy, you know their skin is delicate and sensitive, so you need a soap-free, pH-balanced shampoo that won’t hurt their coat.

The shampoo is scented, but the scent is light and floral. It won’t be too strong. The fragrance lasts, so your dog will smell good for a while after taking a bath. The shampoo also has ingredients that help keep your dog’s skin from being flaky and dry, and the shampoo is refreshing and light, so your pup will love taking baths!


  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Soap and cruelty-free
  • Lightly scented
  • Soothes and moisturizes skin


  • The scent is not for everyone.

5. Earthbath Oatmeal Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo

Earthbath Oatmeal Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo is an excellent shampoo for labs. It does not contain soap, and it is cruelty-free. The shampoo also contains oatmeal, soothes and regenerates your dog’s skin. The shampoo has a subtle almond and vanilla fragrance, so your dog will smell great for days. It is safe for puppies and adults, and you can begin using it once your dog is six weeks old.

The shampoo has a good consistency, and it is not too runny. It means that it will be easy to lather, and you will be able to use it for a while. After washing, your dog’s coat will be silky and fluffy. It will also be soothed from skin irritation. The shampoo thoroughly cleans and rinses readily, making grooming time quick and efficient. However, some individuals disliked the odor, while others adored it.


  • A soothing formula that moisturizes the skin
  • Excellent for puppies older than six weeks
  • Not runny


  • Some people might not like the scent.

6. Zesty Paws Itch Soothing Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Shampoo for Dogs

The Zesty Paws Itch Soother Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal & Aloe Vera is a popular option for owners of itchy and flaky-skinned pets. It is more expensive than other products, but it is popular because it calms your dog’s skin and maintains healthy coats. This medication is also appropriate for puppies as young as six weeks old.

This shampoo is supposed to help keep shedding to a minimum in labs. It has a vanilla fragrance and should leave your lab coat silky and lustrous after washing. However, some users disliked the shampoo’s scent.


  • Oatmeal and aloe vera combination
  • Soothes itchiness and flaky skin
  • Suitable for puppies


  • The smell is not for everyone
  • Expensive

7. Ultra-Premium Furminator DeShedding Shampoo for Dogs

The Furminator DeShedding Shampoo is a popular product. It is manufactured with natural components and is devoid of parabens, chemical dyes, and synthetic colors. The shampoo is suitable for dogs six weeks or older, and it will soothe their skin, prevent itching, and minimize shedding.

The shampoo smells nice and cleans well, but it might be too harsh for dogs with gentle skin. You’ll probably notice loose hair coming off while bathing your lab, so there will be less shedding afterward. It does not work for all dogs, has a strong odor, and continuous usage may dry up the skin of some dogs.


  • No parabens, chemical dyes, or artificial colors
  • Natural ingredients
  • It prevents itching and minimizes shedding


  • Strong scent
  • It might dry the skin
  • It is not practical for all dogs.

8. Sentry Flea & Tick Shampoo with Oatmeal and Hawaiian Ginger for Dogs

Fleas and ticks can be a significant issue for your pet. The Sentry Flea & Tick Oatmeal Hawaiian Ginger Shampoo is an outstanding prevention measure. This shampoo is pH-balanced and should help kill ticks or fleas on your dog. Some people have said that this shampoo sometimes fails to kill all the fleas on their dogs.

Although this shampoo is suitable for your pet, it can harm you. So be careful when you are bathing your pet. This shampoo also smells lovely and leaves your dog’s coat soft and shiny.


  • Reasonable price
  • It fights fleas and ticks and is scented.


  • Not completely effective

9. Paws & Pals Shampoo with Oatmeal, Sweet Basil, and Turmeric

Paws & Pals The price of Oatmeal Sweet Basil & Turmeric Dog Shampoo is somewhat high. But it is made from all-natural ingredients. It is convenient for adult dogs and can also be used as a puppy shampoo for labs. The formula is watery, which can be wasteful and inconvenient, but the smell does not last long. Your lab may quickly become smelly again a day or two after taking a bath with this shampoo.

The packaging for this shampoo is not very good. It can easily break and create a mess in your home. This shampoo is supposed to stop itchiness, but some dogs might be too sensitive to it. If you purchase this shampoo, test it out with a small portion first to ensure it won’t cause any problems.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Excellent for canines


  • Watery\sExpensive
  • Too severe for some canines
  • Not ideal packing

10. Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs with Oat Flour and Honey

Oatmeal Shampoo with Colloidal Oat Flour and Honey by Burt’s Bees is a cheap, high-quality laboratory shampoo. The shampoo contains oatmeal flour and honey, which help to moisturize your dog’s skin and make their fur shiny. This shampoo is not suggested for puppies; it only applies to adult dogs.

This product is pH-balanced and contains 97 percent natural ingredients to prevent skin dryness and redness. However, it might be too harsh for some dogs and dry their skin. The procedure is runny and unscented, so your furry friend won’t smell lovely after the bath. Some customers prefer this, but if you want your dog to smell great, we suggest trying a different product.


  • Affordable chemicals that are 97 percent natural


  • Runny\sUnscented
  • It leaves your dog smelling unpleasant.
  • It can dry out the skin of your dog.

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Ideal Shampoo for Your Labrador Retriever

When you are looking for shampoo for your lab, there are some things you should keep in mind. The most important factors are:

  • Age

  • Skin type

  • Skin conditions

  • Odor control

  • Flea and tick control

  • Tangles and matting

Before selecting a shampoo for your adult lab or puppy, you must examine the desired outcome. Some great products prevent itchiness and skin conditions, while others make your puppy’s coat shiny and silky. Try shampoos with natural oils and beneficial compounds such as oats and aloe vera. They should aid and soothe the skin of your lab animals.

It is very important never to use human shampoo on your dog. Human shampoo can harm your dog and cause skin issues or other bigger health problems. Dog shampoos are designed for a reason, so it is always better to use a good shampoo for labs and their skin.

Best Shampoos for Labrador Puppies

Dogs like to roll around in mud, puddles, and dirt. But we don’t like it when they are covered in dirt. So it’s bath time for our furry friends. Bathing them is not suitable for their fur and skin, but it’s a good idea to wash them now and then to keep your nose, carpet, and furniture clean.

Choosing the best shampoo for your Lab puppy is essential. There are several different shampoos for dogs on the market, and selecting the ideal one for your Lab may not be obvious. But don’t fret! We are here to help you.

How Often Should You Bathe a Puppy?

If your little dog mostly stays inside, you only need to shampoo it once a month. Suppose your pet gets messy from playing outside or has an accident during house training. They’ll need to be bathed more often. Bathing a dog is not complicated, but some helpful tips and tricks make the process go smoothly. To ensure you both have the best experience, bear the following in mind as you prepare to bathe your favorite puppy:

1. Fill up the tub.

The bigger your dog, the bigger the tub you will need. Some people like to bathe their dog in the bathtub, while others set up a tub outside and use a garden hose to fill it. Whichever method you choose, make sure the water is warm enough. If you go the outdoor route, you may need to add warm water from the kitchen sink to the tub to get the temperature up, especially during spring or fall.

If you have a big puppy that tries to climb out of the bathtub, it might be better to give them baths outside. Remember that you might have to do their baths inside when it gets too cold.

Temperature is essential when bathing a dog, especially a puppy. If the water is too cold, the dog will shiver and get sick. The water can scald or irritate the dog’s delicate skin if it is too hot. Test the water before you bathe the dog to ensure it is comfortable. It is also a good idea to clean the dog on a warm day outside.

2. Get what you need to stay comfortable.

Taking care of your puppy can be hard work. You might end up with back pain if you bend over too much. Getting a rubber mat or thick towel to kneel on or even a stool or bench to sit on is a good idea. It will make it easier for you and also help to avoid any pain in the future.

When caring for a new dog, having an extra set of hands might be beneficial. So that someone can assist if something goes wrong. You can also get younger children involved in helping care for the puppy.

It would be ideal if you also provided comfort for your dog. Talk to and give a lot of pats throughout the process to keep them calm, and have a treat ready for the end of the bath.

3. Take your time.

When bathing your puppy, taking time and doing a good job is essential. Ensure you have access to all necessary supplies, such as shampoo, a towel, and anything else you might need. It’s always best to be gentle when washing their face, ears, and tummy. Work a good lather to clean their fur and skin, and rinse it thoroughly. Prevent having soap in their eyes or ears, and give them a break if necessary.

13 Best Shampoos For Lab Puppies Reviewed

1. CHI Tearless Puppy Shampoo

CHI Tearless puppy shampoo is a great product that is worth the money. It is pH-balanced for all fur and skin types and contains no sulfates or parabens. This shampoo is also tearless, so you don’t have to worry about getting it in your puppy’s eyes.

This best puppy shampoo is gentle and contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey, and chamomile essential oils. You only need a small amount, so this 16-ounce bottle should last a while. To use, apply from the back of the ears to the tail, avoiding the eyes as much as possible. The shampoo will not sting if it gets in your puppy’s eyes, but you should try to avoid it to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Rinse, and repeat if necessary.

Many people say this is the best-smelling shampoo for dogs they’ve ever used. We tend to agree. This shampoo leaves a sweet honey scent that lingers in your pet’s fur and skin for days.

2. Toulify Natural Dog Shampoo

This natural pet shampoo from Toulify can be used on any age dog, even puppies, seniors, and those with sensitive skin. It contains a high concentration of coconut soap, making it simple to produce a rich lather with a small amount of product. Plus, it’s easy to rinse so that bathtime will go quickly and smoothly.

This pet shampoo is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. It includes natural ingredients, like oats, lavender, shea butter, and jojoba. Wet your puppy’s fur first and use only a small amount of shampoo for the best results.

Lather and massage the shampoo into your puppy’s fur and skin for three to five minutes. It will help the shampoo penetrate the skin and coat, providing better moisturizing results. If needed, you can do up to two shampoos within 24 hours without worrying about drying out your pet’s skin.

3. Honeydew Natural Dog Shampoo with Colloidal Oatmeal

It is a pH-balanced pet shampoo that vets recommend. It is for dogs of all ages, including puppies with sensitive skin. The natural jojoba and lavender essential oils hydrate and protect your pet against dryness. The lavender scent is also said to have a relaxing effect, making bathtime more comfortable for you and your puppy.

The colloidal oatmeal can clean and condition your pet’s fur and skin with natural humectants. It also eliminates unpleasant smells. Jojoba oil leaves the fur soft and shiny without any heavy buildup. The tear-free puppy shampoo won’t sting or burn and is always paraben and sulfate-free.

4. Crazy Dog Baby Dog Shampoo

Looking for a product that will leave your dog’s coat soft and shiny while also making them smell sweet? Check out Crazy Dog Baby Dog Shampoo. It’s specially formulated for puppies but also works great on big pets with sensitive skin.

This pet shampoo is designed to be gentle and not make your pet’s eyes water. It also cleans and moisturizes your dog’s skin and coat, making it shiny. If your puppy has long hair, this shampoo will also help detangle it, making grooming easier. One bottle of this shampoo lasts a long time because you don’t need to use it much, leaving behind a clean baby powder smell that lasts for days.

5. Oster Oatmeal Essentials Shampoos

This dog shampoo from Oster is a fantastic option for those who like natural products. It is made using an oatmeal extract that is one hundred percent pure, wheat protein, extract of rosemary, and humectants. In addition, there is no alcohol, parabens, or artificial colors included in this product at all.

This product has a long-lasting baby powder scent. It will make your puppy’s fur and skin feel softer and look fantastic. Plus, the puppy will smell great, too! This product is highly affordable, so you’ll be able to buy it again and again.

To get the best results, Oster recommends brushing your pet before bathing. It will remove any tangles in the fur and ensure that the shampoo is applied correctly. Rinse the shampoo off thoroughly to avoid drying out your pet’s skin. Finally, dry your dog and brush through the fur again for a neat appearance.

6. Veterinary Formula Solutions Puppy Love Extra Gentle Tearless Shampoo

This Veterinary Formula Solutions shampoo can be used when a pet is only six weeks old. It is extra-gentle and will not burn or irritate the eyes. The shampoo is also DEA and sulfate-free.

One of the good things about this dog shampoo is that it will not wash away any topical tick or flea treatments. It is very convenient if you are trying to solve a problem and your pet needs to be clean. The shampoo also leaves behind a fresh baby-powder scent that lasts for days.

This shampoo is affordable and will last a long time. The shampoo is thin, but it lathers well and washes off easily. It is suitable for any dog but is especially good for long-haired puppies.

7. Wild 4 Dogs Premium Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies

The Wild 4 Dogs Oatmeal and Aloe Vera Shampoo might be the perfect product if your dog has sensitive or itchy skin. This shampoo was designed to soothe irritated skin with natural ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, coconut oil, and colloidal oatmeal. It does not contain harsh chemicals, sulfates, or artificial substances; there is also no artificial fragrance.

This organic conditioning shampoo and conditioner are safe with topical flea and tick treatments. They can be used on any dog breed. It lathers well and rinses easily without leaving any residue, so your puppy’s hair won’t be weighed down or cause additional skin problems.

8. Arava Flea & Tick Control Dog & Puppy Shampoo

Dogs, even puppies, can get fleas and ticks. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, it is more likely to get them. If you have seen these pests on your pet, this puppy shampoo from Arava is the best choice.

This dog shampoo is great because it doesn’t have harsh chemicals. It uses natural ingredients like thyme, clover, peppermint, cinnamon, citronella, rosemary, and lemongrass. These ingredients help eliminate pests on your pet while keeping their coat and skin clean and refreshed. Plus, there’s no harsh chemical smell left behind.

Arava dog shampoos are a great product because they offer a 100 percent 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, for every bottle of shampoo you buy, Arava donates a percentage of its revenue to help non-profit animal rights organizations. So not only will your puppy love the shampoo, but you’ll also be helping other animals in need.

9. BioSilk Dog Shampoo

The all-natural formula of BioSilk is ideal for use with puppies beginning at the age of 8 weeks. We were relieved to locate a remedy that did not contain ingredients that could irritate our dog. Such as sulfates or parabens, as we began to show him the joys of bath time. Our fluffy friend had been delicately scented with jasmine leaves. As a result, he was left smelling so delicious that we couldn’t resist giving him hugs.

10. Wahl Puppy Shampoo

Wahl’s puppy shampoo is a fantastic product that moisturizes and cleans your dog. It is loaded with aloe vera and cornflower to ensure your dog is hydrated. This shampoo is pH balanced and free of alcohol, parabens, and PEG-80. It is gentle enough for all life stages of a dog.

11. Rocco And Roxie Argan Shampoo

Rocco and Roxie brought us shampoo and conditioner that is all-natural and safe for our puppy. The shampoo inside the bottle is plenty to last for several months, and the bottle itself is well constructed. It’s not incredibly cheap, but we feel it represents sound value.

This shampoo is good because it doesn’t have dyes, parabens, or alcohol. It means that it won’t dry out our pup’s skin. However, we like the Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo better because it makes our puppy’s coat look shiny.

12. PET CARE Sciences Dog Shampoo

This shampoo is an excellent choice for grooming your puppy. It shampoos, conditions, moisturizes, deodorizes, and detangles their fur and skin. The formula also contains oatmeal, a common ingredient in puppy shampoo. However, we recommend using Adams Plus Flea And Tick Shampoo because it does everything this shampoo does and more!

13. Perfect Coat Mild Puppy Shampoo

This Perfect Coat jumbo 16oz bottle will go a long way, even when we have a larger breed to bathe. It offers one of the most reasonably priced options for puppy shampoo.

Some people like the smell of baby powder, while others find it too strong. We looked at some complaints about the smell, which seems to be a personal preference. The formula includes milk protein, keratin, and jojoba oils to hydrate your puppy’s skin. It’s easy to rinse off, but we think Burt’s Bees Tearless Puppy Shampoo is a better choice because it is also easy to rinse and gentle on your puppy’s skin.

The Benefits of Choosing the Best Puppy Shampoo

Using the correct type of dog shampoo on your puppy is essential. Puppy shampoo helps ensure the puppy’s fur and skin stay soft, moisturized, and healthy. Even if you don’t have to bathe your pet often, it is good to be prepared with the best puppy shampoo in a messy situation.

Bathing your dog can be easy if you are prepared. You will need to have all of the supplies you need within reach. It includes things that will make it more comfortable for both you and your pet. For example, you do not want to spend much time hunched over while bathing your dog. It will cause pain in your back and shoulders. You also do not want to start cleaning your dog and then realize that you are missing something essential, like shampoo for puppies.

How To Choose The Best Puppy Shampoo

If you have never bought dog shampoo, we understand that you may not know what to look for. The following are the most significant factors to consider while evaluating various puppy shampoos.

The PH Balance

Dogs require pH-neutral shampoo to protect their fur and skin. People have a more acidic pH balance, but dogs have a more neutral pH balance. So it is best to use a shampoo that works well with your puppy’s pH level.


Shampoos use chemicals to nullify foul doggy odors or fragrances to cover the stink. Many of these fragrances are safe, but you may find that some irritate your dog’s skin. For any dogs with sensitive skin, look for fragrance-free shampoo.

Besides that, it is up to your preference. Some people like no scent, some like light, and others like a stronger scent. If you prefer a smell, you will want to look for a shampoo closer to what you want.

Gentle Formula

Puppies’ skin is more delicate than adult dogs, so it is essential to use a puppy-specific formula or, at the very least, a puppy-safe procedure. Puppies also move around more because they are not used to baths yet. As a result, finding a particularly sensitive recipe that will not irritate the eyes if it comes into touch with them is crucial.


Shampoo for pups frequently contains aloe vera, oats, and vitamin E. We always look for these ingredients when choosing a puppy shampoo so that the puppy’s skin stays hydrated. If you need moisture without greasiness, oils like jojoba are ideal.

You’ll want a shampoo that moisturizes and cleans without drying out your skin, which can cause irritation and itching.

Coat-Specific Shampoo

Remember that different shampoos are suitable for different types of dog fur. Use shampoo if your dog has a thin or short coat. Use a different kind of shampoo if your dog has a long and thick coat. And if you have a white dog, use a color-specific shampoo to avoid staining the fur.


We discovered that shampoos made in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe adhere to the most stringent safety and quality control standards. We have found this to be a safe way to find shampoos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Shampoo for Lab Puppies

How Often Should You Bathe A Labrador Puppy?

Labrador Retrievers who spend most of their time indoors should be bathed every four to six weeks. Before competing in conformation events, dogs are bathed four to five days in advance.

Can You Bathe A Labrador Puppy?

When you bathe your puppy, use the right shampoo specifically designed for puppies and labeled as safe for them to use. It won’t be as strong as an adult dog shampoo and will be gentler on your puppy’s skin and coat. Regularly shampooing your older Labrador is not a good idea unless you need to.

Does Labrador Need Conditioner?

Dogs with short coats can often just be shampooed. But dogs with long hair or double coats need conditioner to help detangle and repair the skin after brushing. You shouldn’t use conditioner on your dog if its coat is oily.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog With Itchy Skin?

Bathing your dog with skin allergies is most effective when done at least once a week or as directed by your veterinarian.

Do Labradors Like Baths?

Labradors do not need baths as often as some other breeds. However, they are energetic and playful dogs that often get dirty. When it is time for a bath, it can be a fun and wet process – but make sure to start from a young age so your Lab will love bath time!

Can I Bathe My 2-Month-Old Labrador Puppy?

If your puppy needs a bath, you can give him one. You can either wipe him down with a warm wet cloth or put him in a bathtub or sink full of water. Make sure the water is warm and comfortable for your pup.

Can Labrador Take Bath Daily?

Dogs that are bathed too often can get dried-out skin. It can cause them to itch and have flaky skin. It is essential not to over-bathe your dog because this will strip away the natural oils in their skin, leaving them feeling dry and less shiny.

e hypoallergenic dog shampoo should be gently massaged and lathered into a damp coat.

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