The Best Dog Food Storage Container

The best way to keep your dog’s food fresh is by using a container that will not let air, moisture, or critters get in. It is usually found in quality pet food containers. You should also look for other features like the size and shape of the container, if it includes a scoop, and if it is a good value overall.

There are many different types of pet food containers. We have picked the top 10 best ones to help you choose the right one for your needs. We looked at the benefits and drawbacks of each one to make sure you make the best decision.

Keep reading to learn about reviews and buyers’ tips and tricks when looking for a suitable pet food storage container.

The 10 Best Dog Food Storage Containers

1.Gamma2 Airtight Food Storage Container

This storage container is the best overall because it has an airtight seal that keeps your dog’s food fresh for a long time. That way, you can buy dog food in bulk and save money. The container is also sturdy, and pests cannot get in, including ants. The wide opening also makes it easier to scoop out dry food easily. Plus, the square shape allows it to fit efficiently in the corner of a closet or pantry.

The only downside to this product is that the lid needs to be lined up in a particular spot so it can seal properly. The container won’t close properly if you don’t line it up correctly. Make a notation on the location where the lid should go so you can always put it. There is one technique to solve this issue.


  • Airtight seal
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Resists pests
  • Holds 50 pounds of food
  • Convenient square shape


  • We need to line up the lid to seal it properly.

2. BUDDEEZ Dog Food Plastic Container

The Buddeez Storage Container is an excellent value because you get a good quality item for an affordable price. This model has a bag that stays inside the container, making cleaning unnecessary. You can still see all the information on the bag. Additionally, this model has a dual-function lid with an easy-pour spout and a scooping side. The seal keeps your food fresh, and the design makes it simple to distribute.

Up to 12 pounds of dog food can be kept in this container. It is not as big as the Gamma2 container, which can store 50 pounds of food. The shape of this container might not be the most convenient because it is tall and slim, making it challenging to keep under shelves.


  • Affordable
  • Leave your bag inside
  • Easy-pour spout
  • Dual-function lid


  • It only holds 12 pounds of food
  • Tall, slim shape

3. Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can

The Simplehuman Storage for Pet Food’s silicone gasket seal and lock-tight handle can keep your dog’s food fresh. When you’re ready to scoop out the food, you can quickly grab the magnetic lid-mounted scoop since it stays clean. More than the Gamma2 but less than the Buddeez, it can hold up to 27 pounds of food. It is simpler to move with wheels built-in, which is helpful for travel. You can also remove the inner bucket, which is removable, to clean it.

This option is more expensive than the first two, but it has features that make it worth the purchase. One drawback is that it is not as easy to store because of the top hatch opening. It would need to have its spot where it can open freely, rather than being stored under cabinets or in a pantry.


  • Silicone gasket seal
  • Magnetic lid-mounted scoop
  • Lock-tight handle
  • Large capacity
  • Built-in wheels
  • Removable inner bucket


  • More expensive
  • Not as easy to store

4. IRIS USA Pet Food Storage Container

The Iris Pet Food Storage Container is an excellent purchase because it has three parts. The bottom part is for storing dry food, and the top is for storing wet food or treats. The top part can also snap onto the bottom, and it comes with a scoop, so you don’t have to buy one separately.

The bottom four wheels can be attached or detached to move the box.

The bottom container is inconvenient because you must first remove the top one. It also only holds up to 25 pounds of food.


  • container with three uses
  • Store both dry and wet food.
  • wheels that attach
  • Snap-on receptacles


  • Inconvenient to remove the top container
  • It fits up to 25 pounds

5. Van Ness Pet Food Container

The Van Ness Pet Food Container is designed. The top unsnaps and lifts upward, so it’s easy to scoop the pet food. It can easily slip under other surfaces because it has wheels as well.

This food storage container does not come with a scoop, so you must buy it separately. The shape is also not very efficient, as it takes up more space than it needs to. The design also makes it difficult to place the food bag directly inside without pouring it in. It can hold up to 25 pounds of food, which is average.


  • Airtight seal
  • Wheels for movement
  • Wide opening


  • Scoop not included
  • Inefficient shape
  • Holds 25 pounds of food

6. OXO Pet Food Storage Container

The OXO Storage Container’s strong seal is one of its outstanding features. You push the top button to unseal and reseal it to keep stored food fresh. It also has rounded edges, which makes pouring easier. However, it is not as good as other dog food containers because it holds less food than others. It is excellent for storing small amounts of food or dog treats but not for food in bulk.

It would help if you bought a scoop separately because this product does not come with one.


  • Button to unseal and reseal
  • Rounded corners for easy pouring


  • Smaller capacity
  • Scoop not included

7.TBMax TR-03 Pet Food Container

The TBMax Pet Food Container is a good option for storing cat food. It has a measuring cup and an easy-pour spout so you can pour the food without making a mess. It also includes a silicone seal to keep the food fresh. This container is smaller than the one for dog food, so it’s better for daily use.

This design can only store 2 liters of food, which is not much. It has also been mentioned that it is difficult to put on the lid. A cover that is the wrong size affects the overall sealing ability and can affect the freshness of the food over time.


  • Measuring cup included
  • Easy-pour spout
  • Silicone seal


  • Small capacity
  • Hard-to-seal lid

8. Paw Prints 37715 Food Bin

The Paw Prints Food Bin is designed well and is a perfect size. It has a fun print that matches other items in the brand’s collection. A scoop with 1 cup and 1/2 cup sizes is also included in the bin. It is simple to slide in and out from beneath shelves thanks to wheels on the bottom.

This product is not of the best quality. One main problem is that it doesn’t hold 15 pounds of food. People have said they couldn’t fit in 12 pounds or even less than that. It also doesn’t have a tight seal to keep out pests, which can be a problem for some people. The design on the outside is cute, but you can’t see how much food is left inside, which might be a problem for some people.


  • Fun design
  • Scoop included
  • Wheels for easy movement


  • It does not hold 15 pounds of food
  • It does not keep pests out well
  • It does not reveal the food level

9. Morezi Dog Food Storage Tin

The Morezi Dog Food Storage Tin is a good choice for those who want a stylish container. However, it has a few drawbacks. The tin material is challenging to clean, and the metal conducts heat and cold, which can affect the quality of the food. Additionally, it only has a lid and no airtight closure.

This tin is a good choice for storing treats but not for storing dog food every day.


  • Scoop included
  • Cute design


  • Small capacity
  • Tin material
  • No airtight seal
  • Not ideal for fluctuating temperatures

10. Amici Dog Food Metal Storage Bin

A contemporary home would look nice with the Amici Pet Dog Food Large Metal Storage Bin. It has a silicone gasket to keep food fresh.

Metal is not the best material for storing dog food. It can only hold 17 pounds of food, while other materials can store up to 50 pounds. The rounded edges make it difficult to store this under surfaces, so you would have to keep it out somewhere. It also doesn’t come with a scoop.

This product is the lowest on our list because it doesn’t work as well as other products. It may look cute, but don’t expect it to work either.


  • Modern style
  • Silicone seal


  • Metal substance
  • Small size
  • Inefficient form
  • No scoop included

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Pet Food Storage Container

The size, form, seal, and durability of material are the most significant aspects to consider when purchasing a pet food storage container.


Your dog’s size and the amount of food they typically consume will determine the size of the container you need to purchase. If you have a giant dog, you will need to buy more food at a time, so you will want to get a container that can store up to 50 pounds. However, it is essential not to get a too big container because if it isn’t complete, the extra space will let in air and make the food go bad faster.

Size is also important to consider because smaller containers can be found that are ideal for storing snacks or small amounts of food. Still, the container will not be worth it if you constantly have to refill it for daily food storage.


You want to store your container in a place that will not take up too much room. If you purchase a sizable container, you want it to maximize your available space. Some designs are too tall and slender to be stored beneath shelves or cupboards. A square or rectangular container that can slide under a frame or into a pantry corner without being too tall is ideal.

Some designs have a tapered bottom, but this shape wastes space at the bottom of the container, making it inefficient. If you wish to store the bag in the container, it isn’t easy to do so because of its shape.


The seal around the opening of the container affects how moist the food is. The food will be stale or soggy if there is too much air or moisture. You want to ensure that no extra air or water can get into the container to maintain freshness for a long time. Look for seals with silicone or twist-tops to create a tight lock.


Please ensure the material you choose is heavy-duty enough that no critters can chew their way through the container and get to the food inside. You should also consider a design with an outer container made of stainless steel or another type of metal that can help protect against pests. If you purchase a style like this, make sure it has a removable inner container that you can easily clean.

Plastic models can be robust enough to resist pests, but ensure it is thick plastic.

What Material Is Ideal?

The ideal material for a storage container to be built of is plastic. You should ensure that the plastic is BPA-free, which means it doesn’t have a chemical called bisphenol-A. That chemical can harm your pet, so you don’t want to put your dog’s food in a container with it. Most plastics nowadays are BPA-free, but you should check to be sure.

People might choose to get a container made out of plastic because it is transparent. This way, you can see how much food is left and know when you need to get more. Some people might choose containers with designs on them or make of metal, but transparency can be a helpful feature.

How Do You Know if It Has an Airtight Seal?

There is one way to test how airtight your container is. You can fill the container with water and turn it upside down. If there are leaks, the container is not 100% airtight. Leaks are usual, but there should be minimal leakage during the seal test. If a lot of water leaks from the container, you should invest in a different type.

What Makes a Good Product in This Category?

A good product for this category is made from sturdy, BPA-free plastic and has a large, square shape. It should have an airtight seal to keep the food fresh. Wheels on the bottom can help slide it out from underneath shelves or for moving it when traveling.

See Product Reviews

When buying a product, looking at reviews first is a good idea. This way, you can learn about some of the experiences others have had with the product. You can then weigh the costs and benefits for yourself based on what you read.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Dog Food Storage Container

In What Kind of Container Should You Keep Dog Food?

Plastic containers are a popular choice for storing dog food. They are affordable and durable. However, it is essential to check that plastic doesn’t include harmful chemicals like BPA. These chemicals can be dangerous to dogs.

Can I Put Dog Food in a Storage Container?

If you need to pour the dry pet food into another storage container, ensure it is clean and dry. A lid that fits snugly helps keep the food fresh and prevents your pet from getting into it. Save the UPC, lot number, brand, manufacturer, and “best by” date.

What Size Container Do I Need for 40 Lbs of Dog Food?

A 40-pound bag of dog food will need a container that is at least 10 gallons big. You will also want to find an airtight container with a lid that latches shut. It will keep out pests. Make sure the container you choose has wheels on the bottom, making it easy to move around.

Where Do You Store Kibble?

Store your kibble in a cool, dry place. If you kept it in the pantry, that would be beneficial. Kibble kept in a garage or basement is more likely to get wet and dirty. It is also more likely to get contaminated by rodents and mice.

Is It Safe to Store Dry Dog Food in Ziploc Bags?

You can freeze your dog’s food in zippered plastic bags. It will remove most of the air from the food package, which will help keep the food fresh. If you have a vacuum sealer, that’s even better because it will remove all the air from the package.

How Long Is Dry Dog Food Good for Once Opened?

If stored properly, unopened bags of dried dog food will last up to 18 months after manufacture. Aiming to use the bag within six weeks of opening it would be beneficial. Storing your dog food in a dry and cool place will help keep it fresh for as long as possible.