The Best Dog Food for Rottweilers: A Comprehensive Guide

Rottweilers are often called gentle giants or guard dogs. They are very confident and have a strong attitude. But they can be some of the sweetest and most loyal dogs. Rottweilers are beautiful. Big, black-and-tan-coated. They’re ripped. Males can grow up to 27″ tall, and females can become up to 25″ tall. It is one of the reasons it is essential to feed them a good diet.

These dogs can get allergies and obesity if they eat the wrong foods. It would help if you worked with your veterinarian to choose the best food for your dog. You want your dog to be healthy, so it is essential to look out for signs of an allergy and work to find the best food as soon as possible.

Feeding your Rottweiler can mean the difference between a short, painful life and a long, happy one. Rottweilers are prone to hip and joint issues, heart problems, and other diseases.

Choosing the right food is essential for keeping your Rottweiler healthy. The food you choose should have healthy muscles, a healthy heart, and be well-nourished. We have researched the best dog foods for this breed so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your furry friend.

Key Nutritional Needs of a Rottweiler Diet

If you want strong muscles, you need protein. Protein can come from different sources, both plants and animals. However, animal protein is essential for dogs to help them stay healthy. It is especially true for Rottweilers because they are a large dog breed and can be prone to health problems.


You will want to ensure that your dog’s food has whole protein as the number one ingredient. Dogs are often considered omnivores but require animal protein as their primary energy source. Protein is especially vital for Rottweilers to stay strong and have enough energy. You will want your Rottweiler’s food to have at least 22% protein.

It is essential to avoid animal meals and byproducts when you are looking at the protein in your dog’s food. Whole proteins are more effective at keeping Rottweilers healthy and ensuring that you’re not accidentally feeding your dog an allergen. Try to avoid foods that don’t list their ingredients on the package.

Omega-3s and Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for dogs because they do not produce these fatty acids naturally. Dogs need Omega-3 to have a strong heart. It is essential for Rottweilers because they are prone to cardiac problems. Feeding your dog salmon and other fish is an excellent way to give them the Omega-3 fatty acids they need.


Glucosamine and Chondroitin are essential for helping with the joint and hip issues that Rottweiler owners know too well. These two chemicals create and maintain bone and structures. Additionally, calcium is an important part of a Rottweiler’s daily diet.

No Fillers

You want to avoid fillers like corn, soy, and wheat in your Rottweiler’s food because they don’t add nutritional value and can even harm your dog. These ingredients can make your dog gain weight and might also cause allergic reactions.

Some Rottweilers can have allergic reactions to legumes like peas and beans. So if your dog has these allergies, you might want to consider pea-free or legume-free food. Always talk to your vet before you assume your dog has allergies. Sometimes, colitis or irritable bowel disorder symptoms mimic allergy problems in dogs.


Feeding your dog food with 3-5% fiber is important for their health. Fiber helps keep things regular and gives them energy. Rottweilers often get IBS and colitis, so the thread in their food is especially important. Ensure to get fiber from non-legume sources since those can cause allergies.

Special Dietary and Nutritional Considerations of Rottweilers

Rottweilers need specific diets because of their large, muscular bodies and health issues. These dogs are enormous, so they need lots of protein to help their muscles and bones stay healthy. They also have stomach and GI issues, heart defects, and bloat, which require special dietary considerations.

  • Health Issues: 

Rottweilers commonly have hip and joint problems, so they need specific nutrients to keep their bones strong. They also need a different diet that does not include wheat or legumes to help prevent GI problems. Some Rottweilers do better when their food has probiotics, and they all need a lot of fiber.

  • Allergies: 

Rottweilers can sometimes develop allergies to specific proteins. If this happens, it is a good idea only to give them one type of protein. You can find another one if the dog becomes allergic to that source. You should also avoid giving them wheat because it is hard for them to digest.

  • Activity level: 

Not all Rottweilers are very active. Some are lazy, and some have health problems that slow them down. You will need to consider how active your dog is when feeding it—less active dogs need fewer calories per day than those always on the move.

  • Nature of the Beast: 

Rottweilers are carnivores, which means they love meat. They should have animal protein because it is easier to digest than plant protein. You might want to consider feeding your Rottweiler a partially raw diet to give them added nutrients and meet their need for meat.

  • Calorie Needs: 

Rottweilers need a lot of calories each day. Puppies need more than 2000 calories daily, and adults need up to 3500. Feeding your Rottweiler should always be based on how many calories their food has, not how much kibble they eat.

  • Meals Per Day: 

Rottweilers need to eat smaller meals more daily to avoid a common condition called bloat. Puppies should be given three to six small meals daily, and adult dogs should eat between two and four meals daily. If your dog eats a small meal, they are less likely to get bloat.

Rottweiler Feeding Schedule

Weight Cups of Dry Food Per Day

  • As much as 15 pounds 12 to 13 cups 16–25 lbs 1 ⅔ cup to 2 cups
  • 26-50 lbs. 2 cups to 3 cups
  • 51–75 lbs. Three ¼ cups to 4 cups
  • Weight of over 75 pounds 4 cups to 5 cups

Rottweilers need to eat slowly to avoid a severe medical condition called bloat. To help them, you can either invest in a slow-feeder or feed them small meals daily. You should also ensure your Rottweiler always has access to fresh, clean water.

Top 11 Best Dog Foods for Rottweilers

1. Wellness Complete Health Large Breed Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Large Breed dog food is good for your dog. Protein-rich. First, chicken. It’s fatty enough for Rottweilers.

This food has 26% protein, 12% fat, and 5% fiber. It makes it a good food for a Rottweiler. The micronutrient count is close to perfect, meaning your dog’s bone and joint health will stay good as they age. This food is also suitable for chicken-loving dogs and owners who want the best possible ingredients for their dogs.

2. NomNom Fresh Food Delivery Service

It is a good idea to feed your Rottweiler a single animal protein. If your dog starts getting allergies to the protein you provide, it will be easier to find alternatives. NomNomNow is an excellent option because you can choose from four animal proteins. It is fresh food with trustworthy ingredients.


  • Fresh food
  • Pre-portioned
  • While animal protein is the base of the meal
  • Well-sourced vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in each pack


  • Lower protein percentage than most dry foods
  • Pricier option versus traditional foods

3. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free food is full of protein from different types of animals like buffalo, bison, venison, and beef. This food is also suitable for dogs with allergies because it doesn’t have grains or fillers. Venison is a good protein for dogs with allergies too.

Fatty acids are important for a Rottweiler’s health. This dog food offers healthy fatty acids. Food contains omega-3s and omega-6s. Good. However, peas are in the food too. Some people think this is not good for dogs because they might have problems digesting them. But the probiotic in the food will help with that.


  • 32% protein in each serving
  • 18% fat, with omega-3s and omega-6s
  • The first thing in it is whole buffalo protein.
  • Vitamins and minerals from produce, together with a K9 probiotic


  • The fiber content is somewhat low at 4%.
  • No additional bone and joint health micronutrients

4. Nutro Max Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Nutro is all about providing good food for dogs. They want people to trust the ingredients, making it easy to find where they come from. It is excellent for people who care about where their food comes from.

This food is lower in protein than some other dog foods. It is suitable for older or less active dogs rather than young puppies. It has an excellent fat percentage, which will help your Rottweiler have energy without getting too overweight. Nutro also never uses corn, wheat, or soy in their foods, which can help prevent allergies.


  • Thirteen percent is the ideal fat percentage for Rotties.
  • Including micronutrients from natural sources
  • Single protein source for straightforward allergy monitoring
  • Rosemary and spearmint extracts help maintain your dog’s fresh breath.


  • low protein content at just 22 percent
  • Numerous grains and fewer fruits and vegetables contribute to low fiber content.

5. American Natural Premium Legume-Free Triple Protein Recipe with Ancestral Grains Dry Dog Food

If your Rottweiler has problems with their stomach or allergies, American Natural’s Premium Legume-Free Triple Protein Recipe might be a good option. This recipe avoids potatoes, peas, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives to ensure your pup only eats the best food.

This non-GMO dog food has protein from deboned chicken and turkey. Prebiotics and probiotics contribute to good digestion and immunological function. Calcium at 1.42 percent promotes strong bones and joints in your dog, while fish oils and omega-3s promote immunological and cardiovascular health.


  • Legume-free
  • Ideal proportions of protein, fat, and fiber
  • Calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and joints
  • Prebiotics and probiotics are included


  • Several protein sources are included, which could be bad for allergies
  • It contains no wheat but still has several grains

6. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wet Canned Puppy Food

The Wellness CORE Wet Puppy Food is perfect for your Rottweiler puppy. It is full of essential vitamins and nutrients that will help your dog grow big and strong, without all the fillers, byproducts, or grains found in other dry foods. This food can also help prevent common health problems like heart and joint issues in Rottweilers.

This puppy food has a lower protein percentage than some dry or adult foods on our list. Still, you will be feeding your puppy more often than an adult dog, which will make up for that difference. The 6.5% crude fat is a good amount for Rottweiler puppies, which means your dog will have plenty of energy and a soft coat.


  • Puppies can digest and chew wet food more efficiently than dry food.
  • Protein derived from whole animal sources
  • Among the several vitamins and minerals was Natural DHA


  • Lower protein content than the majority of adult foods
  • It may require a combination with dry food, which increases expense and decreases convenience.

7. Victor Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

Rottweilers have a shorter life expectancy than other dog breeds. On average, they only live 9 to 10 years. To ensure they live as long as possible and stay healthy, Victor Senior Healthy Weight includes plenty of plant micronutrients, animal proteins, and vitamins.

If you want to start your Rottweiler on senior dog food, it’s a good idea to talk to your vet first. Some vets say that a Rottweiler is a senior dog at age 5, so you’ll need to start this food before you begin with most other breeds on senior foods. But no matter when you start, this food’s protein and excellent vitamin and mineral blends are perfect for older Rottweilers, no matter how active they are.


  • Vitamins and minerals enhance bone, joint, and heart health.
  • The high protein content keeps muscles robust.
  • The recipe promotes a healthy body mass index and inhibits obesity.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics provide digestive support.


  • It May is not an excellent choice for super-active seniors.
  • Some senior Rottweilers may find it challenging to chew on large portions.

8. Eukanuba Breed Specific Rottweiler Adult Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba’s adult Rottweiler formula has everything your dog needs for good health. It is an excellent source of protein, fats, and fiber. It also has vitamins and minerals to help prevent common diseases and health problems in Rottweilers.

This brand is not grain-free, meaning a dog with allergies wouldn’t do well on it. It also doesn’t contain a high enough protein for a very active Rottweiler. However, this is a formula that we can tell Eukanuba created with Rottweilers and their various health issues in mind. It’s well-formulated for an average Rottweiler adult.


  • Calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin levels were increased for bone and joint health. Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids were also present.
  • Vitamins and minerals in abundance from natural sources
  • The quantities of crude fat and fiber are optimal for an active adult. Rotties


  • Compared to complete proteins, chicken by-product meal is the principal source of protein.
  • It contains grains, corn, and preservatives.

9. Wellness CORE Large Breed Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Rottweilers can eat Wellness CORE Large-Breed. Protein-rich and grain-free. It helps dogs’ bones and joints. The food also has the correct percentage of fat and fiber to help keep the dog’s weight down and give them energy.

Wellness CORE is known for its good vitamins and minerals that keep dogs healthy. Rottweilers are essential because they sometimes have stomach and immune systems problems.


  • An exclusive combination of vitamins and minerals
  • WellFlex formula for joint health
  • 34% protein Fatty acids and DHA support cardiovascular health


  • Costlier than average for dry foods.

10. Holistic Select Large and Giant Breed Chicken Meal and Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog Food

Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and GI issues. Holistic Select is a good choice for these dogs. Some owners say that their dog’s colitis disappeared after switching to this food.

The kibble size is small, but it’s OK because the food is meant for large and giant breeds. If you’re worried about your dog bloating, you can offer them smaller meals or invest in a slow feeder. You’ll find that this food is very good for your Rottweiler’s stomach, joints, bones, and heart health.


  • Suitable for Rotties with stomach problems
  • A good amount of protein for adults who don’t move around as much.
  • A formula for bone and joint health keeps Rottweilers going.


  •  It has a little less protein than what active adult Rotties need.
  • The Kibble size is small, which could encourage eating too quickly.

11. Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Pacific Catch Recipe

Rottweilers usually do well when they eat fish as their primary source of protein. It is rare to see a Rottweiler develop an allergy to fish. Fish have DHA and fatty acids from nature, which can help prevent common heart problems in this breed. We love that Merrick adds raw protein bites to their kibble to make this dry food taste, feel, and have more protein.

This food has pieces of raw fish that have been freeze-dried. It is excellent for your dog’s carnivore diet. The fish oils help keep your Rottweiler’s coat shiny and healthy while reducing itching. Finally, this product helps keep your dog’s joints healthy with the included micronutrients.


  • Fish oils are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are suitable for your skin, coat, and heart.
  • The crude protein content is 34%, and the natural fat content is 16%.
  • While animal protein is the foundation of the meal, raw items are also included.
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin in high doses for joint and bone health


  • In warmer situations, protein nuggets can quickly become mushy.
  • Rottweilers may be tempted to eat too soon if the kibble is small.

Rottweiler Feeding Guide

What Kinds of Health Problems Do Rottweilers Have?

Obesity, dysplasia of the hip and elbow, cancer, food allergies(particularly to grains), bloat, IBD, colitis, hypothyroidism, and subaortic stenosis are just a few health issues. Rottweilers encounter.

When Should I Start Feeding My Rottweiler Adult Dog Food Instead of Puppy Food?

You should consult your vet before switching from puppy to adult food. Still, most people usually make the switch when their Rottweiler reaches 80-90% of her adult size. Your dog will usually get her adult size within a year or so.

Are There Any Foods That I Should Never Give to My Rottie?

Sugar, grapes, raisins, garlic, or onions should never be given to your dog. You should also avoid feeding table scraps to your Rottweiler if you are unclear about all the ingredients because they are allergic to them. Finally, never share your dog’s uncooked eggs. Cooked eggs are OK as extra protein.

How Should I Measure My Dog’s Food?

Rottweilers need a lot of food each day. People usually measure how much food they give their dog by volume. But for Rottweilers, it is better to count how many calories the dog gets. It will help make sure the dog gets enough food and stays healthy.

Is a Raw Diet OK for My Rottweiler?

Although raw meat and raw diets are popular because they have more nutrients than cooked food, they can sometimes be unsafe. Raw food may carry pathogens that would be eradicated by cooking. Before feeding your dog a raw diet, consult your veterinarian. Mix the primary pieces with traditional food until you can discuss this with your Rottweiler’s vet.


Many people think that all dog food is the same. They think their dog’s breed doesn’t need a specific diet, but that’s not true. Rottweilers are more prone to some health issues than other breeds, so their diet is more important. However, all breeds have specific dietary requirements that must be met.

Feeding your Rottweiler the right food is important for his health, happiness, and loyalty. All the foods we recommend here are high in protein and healthy fats, which will help keep your dog healthy. They also help prevent allergies, which can be a problem for Rottweilers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Dog Food for Rottweilers

Should Rottweilers Eat Grain-Free?

A Rottweiler should not always eat a grain-free diet. A grain-free diet may help some individual Rottweilers who are allergic to grains. However, it is important to speak with a veterinarian before switching a Rottweiler to a grain-free diet to ensure that it is beneficial and will not harm the dog.

Should I Feed My Rottweiler Raw Meat?

A raw diet is an excellent diet for Rottweilers. There are many different ways to feed a raw diet, including providing whole animals such as chicken or pork and BARF (bones and raw food).

How Long Is a Rottweiler Lifespan?

Rottweilers typically have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. Rottweilers are shorter-lived than some other breeds of the same size and weight. Still, they make up for it with their loving personalities and steadfastness.

Will a Rottweiler Turn On Its Owner?

People sometimes think that Rottweilers turn on their owners, but that is not true. They are a popular breed for a reason. Yes, there have been cases where Rottweilers have attacked and bitten their owners, but that can happen with any dog.

How Strong Is a Rottweilers Bite?

Rottweilers can keep growing even after they are three years old. But their vast heads make their bite strength very powerful. Some dangerous myths about the breed have been spread but are not valid.