The Best Dog Collars for Labs

Many people love Labradors, but keeping clean can be challenging because they love water so much. That means that Lab owners probably need to invest in collars more often than the owners of some other breeds.

There are many different types of Labrador collars. You need to choose the best one for your dog. Some people might want a collar that is high quality and looks nice. Others might wish for a solid collar that can’t be ruined by water.

We have a list of things to think about when choosing a collar. We considered quality, quality of materials, and how long the collar will last. We have a collar for every need.

The 8 Best Dog Collars for Labradors

1. Blueberry Pet Nautical Prints Dog Collar

This Blueberry Pet Nautical Prints Dog Collar is a good seller! It is made with high-density polyester that is tough and can resist your Labrador’s energetic nature. There are many bright and colorful designs so that you can change your dog’s collar depending on the season or their personality.

The robust buckle is easy to clip on and off and made from recycled plastic. We all know that Labs love to swim, and the nickel-plated D-ring will stand up to plenty of dunkings. If your pup gets muddy, you can throw this collar in the washing machine, and it will look good as new.


  • Premium quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Wide range of designs
  • Matching leash available


  • None that we can see

2. Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Collar

If you are looking for a good dog collar for a Labrador, the Frisco Solid Nylon Collar is a good choice. It is made of nylon, and the D-ring is nickel-coated. It means that it will be tough enough to stand up to anything your Lab can do, and it can be washed in the bath simultaneously with the dog.

It is a great collar, but it is not our best choice. The quality is not as good as our top choice, but it is still a good collar. You can choose from four colors, which is enough for most people.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent price
  • Matching leads available


  • Not many colors to choose from

3. Soft Touch Collars Leather Padded Dog Collar

The Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar is a good option if you want a nice collar for your dog. This collar is made from high-quality materials, including full-grain leather and brass hardware. It also has interior padding that’s soft against your dog’s skin. The collar is available in a range of beautiful two-tone colors.

This leather collar is a good choice, but it is not the best. It is made of leather, so it will need to be cleaned and oiled if it gets wet or dirty. This collar might not be suitable for people who have dogs that like to swim in the water because it will get wet and dirty very quickly.


  • Matching lead available
  • Handstitched
  • Full-grain leather
  • Solid brass hardware


  • We will need specialist cleaning.

4.OmniPet Latigo Leather Dog Collar

It is a classic leather collar that will never go out of style. It is made in the United States from high-quality, supple leather. It also has chunky, nickel-plated hardware. The sizes do run small on this collar, so you might want to pick one size larger than usual.

This collar needs an extra leather loop to keep it from being too long. The excess will flap around and be annoying if it’s too long. You must also clean and oil the collar if it gets wet or muddy, or the leather might dry out and crack.


  • Great value
  • Nickel-plated hardware
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Only two colors
  • Will need cleaning and oiling

5. Country Brook Design Martingale Dog Collar

Suppose you are looking for a martingale-style dog collar during training sessions. In that case, the Country Book martingale-style dog collar is a good choice. This collar comes with a 6-foot leash in the same pattern as the collar. There are many different designs and sizes to choose from, so you will find one that suits your Lab!

Not all dogs look good in a martingale-style collar. This type of collar slides on, so there is no buckle. It can be unpleasant because you have to put it on over your dog’s head each time you want to take it off or put it back on. The colors on this collar are vibrant but will fade quickly.


  • It comes complete with a leash
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Many sizes available


  • Martingale style won’t suit all dogs
  • No buckle
  • Color fades quickly

6. EzyDog Neo Classic Dog Collar

This collar is waterproof and fast-drying. It is made from neoprene reinforced with nylon webbing. It also has a reflective strip to help you see your dog at night.

This collar is expensive, costing more than most other dog collars. You would think this would mean that it has high-quality hardware, but we have heard reports that the buckle on this collar is prone to breaking. The sizes run small, so measure your dog’s size carefully before ordering.


  • Waterproof
  • Many sizes


  • Expensive
  • Buckle can snap
  • Sizes run small

7. Max and Neo Dog Gear Martingale Chain Dog Collar

The Max and Neo Dog Gear Martingale Chain Dog Collar is a good choice for late-night walks. It has a metal D-ring and a plastic tab to hold your dog’s ID tag.

If you buy a Max and Neo collar, they will donate the same model to a rescue dog. However, some dog owners don’t like chain sections on collars. If you leave the collar on your dog when you’re not around, it could get stuck and choke your dog.


  • Reflective webbing


  • Martingale style doesn’t suit all dogs
  • Chain section
  • Must be taken off when not training or walking

8. K9 Explorer Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar

The K9 Explorer Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar is a choice for late-night walks. This collar has strips of reflective material woven through the webbing. You can move the D-ring on this collar away from the tag attachment point, so there are no annoying clanking sounds from your dog’s ID tags!

The side-release buckle on this collar was a little challenging, especially if your Labrador had gotten muddy. The webbing was also quite narrow, so the collar looked small on a chunky Labrador’s neck.


  • Many colors


  • Thin webbing
  • The buckle is difficult to undo
  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Collars for Labs

Collars are not only necessary to keep your dog safe but they’re also required by law in many countries. As a result, finding one that is pleasant for your Labrador to wear is essential. Here’s how to pick the best dog collar for Labs:


A fully-grown Labrador can have a large neck! Measuring your Labrador’s neck inches is a good idea before you start shopping. That way, you can check to size as you go along!

To measure your Lab’s neck, wrap a flexible tape measure around their neck where their collar usually sits. Write down the measurement.

The collar should be fastened to fit two or three fingers underneath it. If it is too tight, it will cause discomfort for your dog. If it is too loose, your dog can slip out of it quickly.

Type of collar

There are several different types of collars available, so let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Flat collar

    These are made of webbing or leather and don’t have any padding. They are a good budget option, and they come in a lot of different colors.

  • Padded collar
    These collars resemble a flat collar but have more padding around your dog’s neck. It can be a good option if your pup has sensitive skin.

  • Martingale collar
    These collars are designed for training and walking. Please do not leave them on all the time. Remove them when you get home. You can also use a flat collar with ID tags. Martingale collars have a section of fabric or chain that tightens around your dog’s neck if they pull against their leash. It can correct their forward movement (by causing discomfort) and encourage them not to draw. Some owners prefer not to use a martingale collar to correct pulling and instead focus on re-training that behavior.

Collar Material

The majority of collars are constructed of webbing or leather. Webbing is budget-friendly, comes in many colors, and won’t get wet even if your dog gets it wet. It’s a machine or hands washable, depending on the manufacturer.

Leather collars are usually more expensive than webbing collars. Some people think they look luxurious on their dogs. If your Labrador swims in their leather collar, you will need to clean it and then oil the leather, so it doesn’t start to smell bad.

The Best Dog Collars for Labradors

Do you want a stylish, trendy collar for your labrador? There are many different types of designer, rugged, and other types of collars to choose from. The best collars for labradors are listed here.

You should read this post to learn how to select a dog collar. We have put together a guide on the best collars for labradors.

Which Collar Is Best for a Labrador?

Due to their high level of activity, labradors require a sturdy collar. A good collar should be secure enough to prevent loss and not be so tight as to cause discomfort for the dog.

Labradors love water, so it is essential to use a collar to keep the water from getting in.

The collar needs to be made out of solid material. A nylon collar is tough and will not get worn down. A leather collar is tough and will last for a long time.

Make sure the collar is long enough. The head of a labrador retriever should be able to swing freely. The collar should be brightly colored, so it is easy to see. Labs love to run and play, so the collar must be easy to identify.

A good quality nylon collar is a good choice for your lab. It will be tough and durable and will not easily fray or tear. Ensure the collar is long enough for your lab to move its head without getting stuck. You can also choose a brightly colored collar, so it will be easier to find him if he gets lost.

Collars of Kevlar or vinyl are durable and do not easily rip or fray. Leather collars are durable and do not fray; they usually last long.

A collar with an adjustable buckle is ideal because it can fit any dog, big or small. Labs love to run around, so a quick-release buckle is perfect in case the collar gets caught on something.

Advice on Choosing Your Dog’s Best Collar

Select the Appropriate Width and Weight for the Size of Your Dog

Different widths of collars are available. It would help if you chose a width appropriate for your dog’s neck size. For example, a small dog like a Chihuahua will be more comfortable in a thin 3/8″ width collar. A larger dog like a Beagle will need a wider 3/4″ width collar. The collar’s weight also depends on the material it is made of. Leather collars are heavier than nylon or biomethane collars.

Measure Your Dog’s Neck

Use a soft measuring tape or a long string to find the right size for a collar. Take a measurement around your dog’s neck where the collar will sit. Measure it. Ensure you can fit two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog’s neck. If necessary, add 2-3″ to the measurement for a comfortable fit.

If you are using a head collar that sits higher up, it can also be helpful to measure around your dog’s neck higher up.

Puppies Grow Fast & Require Supervision When Wearing a Collar

If you just brought home a puppy, don’t spend a lot of money on their collar until they are fully grown. Puppies grow fast, so you’ll likely need to purchase a few collars as they outgrow each one. Check their collar’s fit often to ensure it’s not too tight.

Please do not leave your puppy’s collar on when it is unattended. If the collar gets stuck on something, the puppy can get injured. Puppies can also get scared and hurt themselves when they are stuck in a collar. It is essential to take the collar off daily to check if it is too tight. Tight collars can cut into your puppy’s skin and cause infections or injuries to the skin and muscles.

Best Collars for Labradors

1. Alcott Adventure Collar for Dogs

The Alcott Reflective Adventure Dog Collar is perfect for taking your dog on walks or hikes. It is easy to clean and has reflective stitching to help you see your dog at night. It also has neoprene padding to make it more comfortable for your dog. The buckle closure helps keep your dog safe.

2. Pet Champion Adjustable No-Pull Harness, Collar

This camouflage dog collar is made from tough polyester and is perfect for taking your pet on outdoor adventures. It includes a safety release buckle and is designed to be comfortable and fun.

This harness is composed of metal and is quite durable. The D-Ring is composed of rust-resistant steel. The buckle is also made of metal and will keep your pet safe. It’s specially designed to be safe for when you go on hunting trips with your pet.

3. Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collars

Many dog owners prefer leather collars because they are durable and can last longer than other materials. Leather is also a natural and organic material, making it comfortable for most dogs to wear. Dogs with sensitive skin can also use it.

The Perri’s Padded Dog Leather Collar will be a good choice if you consider getting your dog’s leather collar. This collar is handmade by Amish craftsmen with high-quality leather and lined with genuine lambskin padding. It also has a stainless steel or solid brass hardware.

4. Sassy Dog Wear Adjustable Dog Collar

It is a high-quality, soft, durable, and adjustable nylon webbing collar.

This collar has a quick release fastening, which is perfect for a puppy (or small dog) because they like to get into everything and can often get their collars snagged and stuck. It is when you’ll be pleased you went for a quick-release fastening!

This collar has four colors: black, blue, yellow, and pink. They are all covered in the same pattern. We’re sure your dog will look great in any of them!

5. American Kennel Club Adjustable Dog Collar

It is a high-quality, adjustable dog collar from the American Kennel Club.’ The collar has a quick-release buckle, and a D-Ring for leash attachment comes in 3 sizes and two colors (black or red).

It is a simple but high-quality collar, perfect for puppies and grown dogs. It’s soft and gentle on your pet but strong and durable enough to last for years. Plus, it’s wallet-friendly, so you won’t have to replace it soon. It is highly recommended!

6. Rogz Utility Medium 5/8-Inch Reflective Snake Dog Collar

This Rogz nylon webbing collar is stylish and highly durable. It also has high visibility, so your puppy will be safe if you walk at night.

This collar has a quick release, making it easy to attach and remove. The die-cast D-ring is sturdy and perfect for attaching a leash. Plus, the plastic hardware has rounded edges to ensure your pup stays comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Dog Collars for Labs

Is A Collar Or Harness Better For A Lab?

A front-attaching harness is the most humane option for your dog because it gives you more control than a collar.

What Color Collar Looks Best On A Chocolate Lab?

No matter what color your dog is, try to choose a collar that contrasts with their fur. For example, a bright color like red or green will look good if your dog is black or white. If your dog is light-colored, a dark color like blue or black will be better.

What Size Neck Does A Lab Have?

Labrador neck sizes vary, so measure your dog’s neck before ordering a collar. If your dog is an adult, his neck will probably measure between 17 and 20 inches.

Why Shouldn’t You Use A Dog Harness?

A wrongly fitted harness can affect how a dog walks and moves. Many animal professionals, like behaviorists and trainers, don’t recommend a harness around a dog’s chest because it puts pressure on its shoulder and restricts its movement.

Should Labs Wear Harnesses?

A harness is suitable for Labradors because it makes them more comfortable. The harness will keep them from feeling like they’re being pulled around. Saddles also reduce the strain on the dog’s neck.

How Does Martingale Collar Work?

Martingales work by sitting loose until pressure is applied by the dog pulling against the leash. When the dog pulls, it tightens around their neck so their head can’t slide out. Pull up on the D ring to see how well it fits.

What Size Harness Does A Lab Need?

Almost all dog harnesses will fit them without needing to be adjusted. You should buy a harness that is the right size for your dog based on their life stage. Most Labradors weigh between 50 and 90 pounds, so that the following choices can apply to them.

Are Thicker Collars Better For Dogs?

Thicker collars will provide more support for more muscular dogs. They will also feel better because there will be less pressure on their necks. But it’s important to remember that wider collars are heavier, so they’re not a good choice for small breeds.

Should A Labrador Wear A Harness?

A harness is a good option for your dog because it is humane. A front-attaching harness will give you more control than a collar. This type of harness attaches in the front, making it easier to steer your dog.

What Is A Prong Collar?

Pronged collars are made of metal. They pinch the dog’s neck whenever pressure is applied. It can cause damage to the windpipe, nerves, and other tissues.

Why Should Dogs Not Wear Collars?

You can potentially damage the dog’s neck by jerking it. The channel is a susceptible area, so you don’t want to keep doing it because it can lead to long-term medical issues. It includes damaging the thyroid glands and tissues around the neck and salivary glands.

How Thick Should My Dog’s Collar Be?

Wider collars are more comfortable because they reduce the neck’s pressure. However, consider that wider collars weigh more, making them a poor decision for small breeds. If unsure about your dog’s strength, the best option is to go with a standard one ½-inch wide collar.

Is A 12 Inch Neck Small?

For an adult, a 12″ neck is not very large and is on the small side for both males and females. For men, a 12-inch neck is around 3 inches smaller than average. For women, it’s around an inch smaller than usual.

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