Greyhound racing is an ugly industry. Greyhounds are bred to race at high speeds and they usually only run for three years before they stop. But in this time, these animals go through abuse and neglect from their trainers who want to win instead of taking care of them. This blog post will talk about the horrors that these animals go

Race dogs are kept in cages so small that they can barely stand up

If you’ve ever seen a racetrack, then you may have seen pens that hold dogs. These pens are for those who can’t run around and need to stay in their place. The walls are made of wire, which allows the dogs to see and hear other animals.

Some racetracks use a pen that is not big enough for a dog. They can be too small and the dogs have to stay in one place.

Trainers use live rabbits as bait to train young dogs for the track

Rabbit hunting is an old tradition. Trainers release their dogs after a live bunny and the dogs chase the rabbits. The rabbit will run away for its life and when it gets caught, the dog will return to its trainer with its prize!

Some trainers will release greyhounds after they have chased live animals who are tied up to a line.

Greyhounds are often kept in small kennels for their entire lives, regardless of whether or not they’re actively racing

People who own animals usually have a place where they can sleep and relax. But this isn’t always the case for greyhounds that race. These dogs live in kennels that measure five to ten feet long by two and a half to three feet wide.

These conditions can allow diseases and parasites like hookworms or whipworms to easily spread through the dogs. This can lead to death.

Greyhounds are often euthanized because they fail to run fast enough or don’t have an owner willing to pay for their care

Dogs that race spend much of their time in small kennels. They live with other dogs and the conditions allow them some comfort. But not all dogs are so lucky and they might live in a small cage without any shelter from bad weather.

When animals are in bad conditions, they can get very sick. This can make them die. Sometimes they are killed without getting the care they need. This is wrong and many people do not like it.

Greyhound racing is a cruel sport. It needs to stop. If you know someone who watches it, please share this post with them so they can learn what the animals have to go through. Thank you for learning more about this!

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